Wednesday, March 28, 2018

If you Give a Quilter a Sale

So you know that book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie . . . Well that is how today's post is going down ;)

You see, two weeks ago, Martingale Publishing had their Semi-annual Warehouse Sale,   And if you give a Quilter a book sale . . . She will have to browse through it.   I love adding to my quilting library at this sale, but this year, I didn't buy quilting books, I bought Bag books!!!   Windy City Bags by Sara Lawson and Style and Swing by Susan Dunlop to be exact and I am super excited (and scared)  I have wanted to give bag making a try for a while now, and now I think it might actually happen!  But if you give a Quilter a Structured Bag Book . . .  you are going to need some Structure :)   So off, I went to buy some Soft and Stable ;)

But while I was looking for Soft and Stable, I noticed a little banner that said Fat Quarter Shop was having their Annual Spring Cleaning Sale!!  And if you give a Quilter a Sale . . . she has to browse through it, right :)   I like to search the pre-cuts first and was so excited to find a Little Miss Sunshine Jelly Roll in the sale because I absolutely love this line and had used my layer cake in a previous project.   But if you Give a Quilter a Jelly Roll . . . She will need a project to make with it.  And  I instantly thought of the  Jelly Roll Rug Pattern.  I have loved seeing all of these on Instagram and I have so, so, so wanted to make one.  Not only are they super cute, but they would use up some of my endless batting scraps!!!   I can't wait to start this, and I have a feeling I won't be able to stop at just 1, good thing I have more Jelly Rolls stashed ;)

And I was all ready to check out, But if you Give a Quilter an Amazing Sale . . . She has to buy more than one Pre-Cut, right :)  (Please tell me you all add extra goodies in your cart just because :  You all know I love Charm Packs and I just let a good friend use my Just Another Walk in the Woods Charm Pack to make a Charming Tote and it turned out so cute, I knew I needed to make one in the same fabric.   And the Grand Canal Charm Pack, well I just love Kate Spain and hey, I could have got the layer cake too :)

So I am curious, is this how you find your quilting shopping works too??  I wouldn't be surprised because you know, If you Give a Quilter a Sale . . . 

Hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day ;) 

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  1. they will take it home!! I love to browse quilt shops, both local and on vacation. I start at the sale corner, always something good there. Then move on the the Touch it, Feel it, Take it Home bolts. That's how quilts are born.

  2. They will fill their cart. And if you tell them there a free shipping sale, they will hunt for "one more" item to get to the minimum.

  3. About once a year we tske a trip. This year it will be Boston in Aug. But I always have to find a quilt shop or two to stop and pick up a little something. A couple years ago it was enough for a quilt. It's waiting to be longarmed at my local shop. 😉

  4. I absolutely cannot resist a sale on fabric! I always check out the sale section first, especially online shops. Not that I need any more fabric, but who can pass up some really good deals? And free shipping too? Yes please!

  5. I'm so relieved to know it's not just me...

  6. totally. I like free shipping and great prices. It is good to weigh it out if driving to the store is more expensive then just go online and get what you want, right? Then when hubby asks me about it, I can just tell him that I had the page open and Miles (my red mackerel tabby cornish rex kitty) bought it for me.
    Happy Easter


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