Friday, November 10, 2017

Two Jelly Baby Quilts!!

So you might recall from way back here, when I made two Baby Quilts for National Sew a Jelly Roll Day.   Well, I am super excited to have finished quilting and binding both quilts and now I can share them!!!!   So first up,  Petal Pop!!!!   And can I just say, I love this quilt!!!!

I have wanted to make the baby size version of my Petal Pop pattern for some time, and I just love the way the blacks and pinks from Lella Boutiques Farmer's Daughter line just make those beautiful Petals Pop ;)  I am always drawn to the pink and black combo for baby girl quilts, and I really love it in these prints!!!

This has always been a favorite pattern of mine and is a favorite in classes as well ;)  It goes together super fast with the Jelly Roll strips and uses a variation on a log cabin to piece, which is always fun!!!   And doesn't it just look so cute in the baby size!!!   I love the giant flower right in the center :)

And when it came time to quilt it, I went with some seriously small custom quilting ;)   And I am just thrilled to pieces with it ;)  In the background I used some favorite fillers (echoed paisleys, swirls, curls, and pebbles) combined to give it beautiful movement.  Then in between the petals I did some 4 leaf flowers, and finally, in the Petals, I gathered up my nerve and gave Feathers another shot, and I just love, love, love them!!!!   They were the perfect design for this and really give it that final elegant touch :)

And of course, all of that tiny quilting adds so much wonderful texture.  I might have sat and ran my hand over the quilt like 20 times when I took it off the longarm.   So fun!!!

And that is my Baby Petal Pop!!! And I have to laugh, because this has been on my list to do for some time, and already, I want to add it right back on the list to make another one because I just love the way this one turned out!!   That "To Make" list never gets any shorter ;)

Because the Baby Petal Pop only uses 1/2 of the Jelly Roll Strips, I had some left over strips :)  I also found myself with some leftover time on National Sew a Jelly Roll Day.   So . . .  I pulled out a favorite Shortcut Quilt pattern from Fat Quarter Shop and before you knew it, I had a second Jelly Baby Quilt . . . The Jelly Roll Slice quilt.

I just love making Shortcut Quilts, they are so fast and so fun!!!  And this quilt was the perfect pattern to use up all of those leftover strips and make them pop ;)  I just love the low volume background that used up all the extra white strips.  So pretty!!! 

And I love that using up the "leftovers" had me try out a color combination that I wouldn't automatically jump to.  Yellow isn't a go to color for me, but I have to say, I  sure do love the way it came together with just the black and tan.   So pretty!!!  

And when it came time quilt it, I wanted to make those flowers in the prints pop just a bit more, so I quilted it in pink to complement the roses :)   And I just love that extra girl touch it gives the quilt :)  And I tried a new design for me.   I was aiming for echoed flowers, kind of like the feathered swirls I do, but instead of feathers, more of a petal shape.   And then I just kept echoing the petals to fill up the desired space.   

It was a super fun design to quilt and it filled up the space fast, which was pretty good for this one as it came at the end of a marathon quilting day ;)   And I love all of the texture it creates as well, but I kept the petals on the larger side so it will still be soft and snuggly!!

And that is my Baby Jelly Roll Slice quilt!!!   And now I just need a sweet little angel to come along to give it to.  I don't know of anyone yet, but that's all good, because I always like having baby quilts ready for a special gift ;)  

National Sew a Jelly Roll day was so much fun, and I am so hoping it is a long standing annual tradition.   Thanks for popping in today and sharing these Jelly Baby Quilt Finishes with me!   
I hope you have a very Happy Quilting weekend!!!

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    How have I not heard about shortcut quilts before today? Both you and Myra are featuring one - I have been asleep at the switch or under a rock. I am going to check that out TODAY. I can decide which one I like better - don't make me pick. Please! But the FEATHERS on Petal Pop - OMG! You did such a nice job, and it truly is just perfect for the petals. Ooh, I can imagine how good those quilts feel - all snuggly and warm. Beautiful shares for today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. These are both adorable! I love that you were able to make two quilts!

  3. Same here...don't remember shortcut quilts, but I just love both of these!!!!!

  4. I am a total fan of pink/white/black - I love this!

  5. Loved both your quilts and your quilting choices. My favorite is the Petal Pop! Love that design for a baby girl:). Julia

  6. Petal Pop has always been one of my favorite designs you have created and it looks beautiful in the pinks and blacks.

  7. Love the Petal Pop quilt, and the color choices. Someone will be very happy to receive that.

  8. Is there a pattern available for the baby petal pop?

    1. Hi Kristen,
      Yes, the pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop here or in my Etsy Shop here

  9. The Baby Petal Pop is so cute! I need to make one in that size sometime.

  10. I'm with everybody else who loves the petal pop quilt. I would really love the pattern :-)


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