Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bright and Blue

March's Bee Blocks have been done for almost a week and I am just now getting to posting them and shipping them.  Which is okay right, because it isn't the end of the month yet :)

Ursula requested a Bright version of a Red Pepper Quilts block.  This block was a ton of fun to put together.  I loved surfing through my scraps for all of these fun bright colors.  And, this is the block that helped me discover the Lazy Scrappy HST method :)  So major bonus there!!!  (Sorry, I know the lighting in this picture is awful, I am trying to get this posted before the kids get up for school so no sun )  

Alisa requested a 25 patch block in blues.  She sent us a bunch to choose from and then requested we add some of our own.  I love the Grey/Blue tones in this block.  It is so calming.  And I have to admit, it was nice to have something that I could put together rather quickly.  This month is busy!!

So into the mail they go today!!!  Yippee Skippee!!!  Next month is my month for the Beejeebers group.  I already have my idea planned and I am so excited :)  I will let you know what I will be up to in a few more days :)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap Recieved - Yippee Skippee!!!

So in the last four days I have been online about 4 minutes.  Crazy!!!!  Sorry, I didn't really drop off the face of the Earth, I have just been busy.   My husband and I were in charge of a Youth group for the weekend that we took to Bryce Canyon and then my family came into town, so It's all good because it was all a  good kind of busy :)  (which is the best kind right :)  

But, I received a little package in the mail so I had to ditch everyone for a few minutes to write about it.   I am so excited!!!!!!!   My Pillow Talk Swap came!!!!!  And the funny thing is, somehow I missed this one being posted in the flickr group so it was a total surprise!!!!  So fun.  Isn't it just adorable.  It was made by Liz of Living My Sweet Life.  Thank you so much Liz.  And thank you for the adorable little scraps along with it.  So cute!!!!

Here is the pillow in it's new home.  It fits perfect along the back of my sewing chair.  It just makes me smile every time I walk into the room.  Thanks you over and over and over Liz!!!  I love it!!!

Yup, I am really loving these swaps!!!
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway Hop with the Fat Quarter Shop!!!

No more rhymes, I mean it. . . . Anybody want a Peanut??
 (Oh, Sometimes I crack myself up :)

Okay, enough with my silliness and onto some fun!!!!  I am super excited to joining the Quilting Gallery's St. Patrick's Day Quilters Blog Hop Party!!! I mean, what better way to test your Irish Luck then to hop around entering a bunch of giveaways!!!  So fun!!!!  There will be a full list of blog hop sites on Saturday morning, so make sure to check it out :)

A super huge thanks goes out to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring this giveaway!!!  I know you have all heard of the Fat Quarter Shop!!!   In a word . . . Amazing!!!!  Kimberly and her team are fabulous to work with.  Their customer care is top notch and their selection is out of this world!!! Not to mention how generous they are in supporting the online quilting community!!!!

And this is the generous offering they have for one of you with some Serious Luck of the Irish!!!!  An Entire Fat Quarter Bundle of Aneela Hoey's A Walk in the Woods!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!  Don't you just love it!!!!!  Cuteness Galore!!!!!

For a chance to win this lovely bundle simply leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about the Fat Quarter Shop!!!  And that's it.  Simple and easy :) (One comment per person please :)

The giveaway will remain open until March 23rd and then a winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after.  International entries are welcome.

Oh, and by the way, Welcome to any new visitors!!!!  I am so glad that you found Happy Quilting and hope that you will come back often.  I have so much fun sharing my quilting passion here.  If you would like, you can follow Happy Quilting and ensure that you catch all of the Quilty Goodness going on here :)    
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

TNT Thursday - The lazy scrap HST

First off - If you have no idea what the heck TNT is . . . Check out here :)  Okay, now we are all on the same page.  Let's proceed.

So Today's TNT is sort of funny to me as I hadn't intended to do this particular new thing and the only reason I did it was because I was being lazy and procrastinating.  Here's the story :)

So for one of my bees we were asked to make a block with a bunch (like as in 32) of HST's that were all different.  So, I cut my white squares from some yardage super speedy like.  Then I rumaged through my scrap bags (which I hope to one day upgrade from zip-lock baggies)  and rounded up a bunch of small scraps.  And then placed those scraps on my cutting mat where they sat.  And sat.  And sat. Does this happen to anyone else??  Seriously, cutting individual scraps into 3" squares was just not on the top of my "I can't wait to do that" list.   Then I had  a thought.  Why trim them down now when I will trim later????

And from that thought was born the lazy man's (or woman's in this case) scrappy HST.  I don't know how often you would need to piece HST's from scraps, but if you do, this really turned out to be quite the time saving technique.  

So first I marked my line on all the perfectly cut white squares.  And then I just set them on top of my scrappy pieces centering them as best as possible.  I didn't even bother to pin them as I had wiggle room :)  (And ya, that was super sweet to not have to pin :)

Then I just chain stitched my 1/4" seam on either side of the drawn line.  I did all of the rights, and then all of the lefts :)  And then just clipped my threads between the blocks.

Then it was onto pressing.  I pressed towards the print.  I was worried I would have some issues here where things weren't even but nope, they pressed over just fine :)

Now it was just onto trimming.  I used my little square ruler and just lined up the diagonal line with the seam of my HST and sliced the first 2 sides and then rotated and once again lined up my diagonal and the 2 1/2" markings and sliced again.  And wham!!  Perfect HST's.  And I have to say, it was so much more fun slicing off some decent size trimmings instead of the little minuscule pieces I normally trim.  It made it seem like the trimming step was actually really necessary :)

So there you have it :)  The Lazy Scrappy HST :)  Now I don't think I would ever do this with yardage or pre-cuts or anything . . . But you better believe the next time I am using scraps for HST's, I will be using this little technique again :)

And just for fun . . . I used these particular HST's (and a few more) to make this bee block :)

So that was my new little try for the week . . . Let's see what you have been up to :)  Let the linking commence!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Name Game Swap - My Package Arrived!!!!!!

Remember when I mentioned how exciting it was to send off packages to my swap partners.  Well receiving them . . . So awesome!!!  I can't tell you how excited I was when I went to the mail yesterday and found a wonderful little parcel that came all the way from Australia!!!  I got inside, tore it open and found this awesome package put together just for me!!!!  Squeal!!!!!

I just can't begin to say how much I love this.  It is just perfect for me and my purple sewing room!!!! It is going to match so fabulous!!  And don't you just love the little buttons!!!  What a fabulous detail.

Thank you a million times over to Quilt Kitty !!!!  Thank you for a mini that just fits me so perfect and makes me so happy.  Thank you for the extra goodies, I love the pins and I have already hid the chocolate from my kids.  Most of all, thank you for taking the time to make something just for me.  I will treasure it!!! 

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