Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nature's Gems at the Moda Bake Shop

I am so super excited that it is finally here!!!  Introducing Nature's Gems!! And you can see the free, beginner friendly, step by step tutorial over at the Moda Bake Shop!!  Ya,  it's my all time favorite "bakery" :)

I knew I wanted to design something for these amazing MoMo line, I mean who doesn't love a line called "Just Wing It"!!!  I just love the beautiful jewel tones and the adorable "nature" prints.  I really wanted to highlight those prints so I decided to go with large hexagons that aren't cut in half so they don't distort the design.  It took me a bit to figure it out but I love the results.   Doesn't it just look so fun to snuggle in :)

So do you want to snuggle up in your own Nature's Gems quilt??  You know that Leah over at Burgundy Buttons has made a Nature's Gems Quilt Kit and as always, it is at great Burgundy Button prices :)  So hurry on over, and get your own, while supplies last :)

So if you love it, stand up and show it!!!  Head on over to the Moda Bake Shop and leave some comment love :)  And most of all, Happy Quilting!!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Up, It's Down :(

So I had my Twitter account all lined up and was posting on it just great.  Then I went to check it later in the evening to find that my account has been frozen.  Don't know why???  I am working with Customer Service to get it fixed.  So just wanted to leave a quick note in case you tried to follow me and you weren't allowed :)  Hopefully it will be all fixed soon so I can get back to tweeting :)

And be sure to check back tomorrow.  I am so excited!!!  I have another Moda Bake Shop tutorial coming out :)  And since I am so excited, I will leave you a little sneak peak :)  Don't you just love anything by MoMo!!!!!  These colors are fantastic and so Spring!!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So I finally did it.  Happy Quilting is now on Twitter :)  I spent this morning surfing around trying to get the lay of the land over there.  I know there is probably way more to it than just posting, but for now, that seems to be my general understanding.  Just leave a little tweet here and there about what is going on.

I am going to try and remember to post there but I can't guarantee lots :)  Does anyone know if there is a way on twitter to do direct link-ups to your posts the way there is on facebook?? (EDIT - Thanks for the help guys, I know have it up and running :) So if you want to follow along with me over on twitter you can find my "profile" by clicking on this new little icon :)  (Cute huh!)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Someday Projects :)

So do you have some of those wonderful Someday Projects.  Ya know, the ones that you will "get to" when you have some spare time??  When you manage to complete the projects that have deadlines??  When basically you create an extra hour for each day that is dedicated to nothing but quilting??

I hope I am not the only one with these kind of projects.  I love making quilts but I find that in the process of bees, quilt-a-longs, and tutorials, that some of those "other" projects just get pushed aside.  Here are the 4 that are making me feel a wee bit guilty right now :)

The Park Avenue on the top left was a giveaway win and I had the perfect plan for it the moment I saw it.  It has been sitting in my basket of projects since then.

The Top right is the HST's I had leftover from the Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long.  I have had a fun idea of what to do with them since it ended.  Hopefully that one won't be put off much longer :)

The bottom right is my homemade holiday charm pack that I was going to use to make a table center for each holiday.  Well we are 2 holidays down and still no table runners.

And last, the bottom right is some Sugar Pop that I have already cut in the appropriate lengths to make an Avignon Picnic quilt.  It has been cut for months.  I just got the backing and the binding material so maybe that will give me the motivation to get it put together :)

So here is hoping I can squeeze a few more quilting minutes out of each day so that I can get these from the Someday pile to the today pile :)  It might be wishful thinking, but its something :)
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Easter Dresses but Dresses None the Less

So I didn't make the girls Easter dresses this year.  I am not much of a 3D sewer :)  I have dabbled in costumes, pj's, and shorts.  You know, the easy things that don't need to come out looking all that great.  So the idea of Easter Dresses has me running for the hills.

With that said, a few years ago (aka 2009)  I saw this tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Patchwork Dresses.  Now that is something I can handle!!  I made four, one for each of my 2 daughters and one for each of my 2 nieces (edit . On my side of the family.  If I had made them for the nieces on my husband's side I would have been sewing forever :).   I made a few adjustments to the tutorial, mostly for length purposes.  The tutorial was so easy to follow and I just love how they turned out!!

So ya, no Easter Dresses . . . But maybe next year they will get another patchwork dress as they have so grown out of these ;)  Sorry for the poor pictures, I didn't have a blog in 2009 so posing for pictures wasn't all that important :)

I can't get this picture to orient right.  Sorry :)
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Table Runner

I finished this table runner last week but I wanted to wait till it got to it's new owner to show it.  My Sister-In-Law wrote me yesterday that she had received it and loves it.  Yippee Skippee!!  I had so much fun making this little table runner and decided maybe I should do some more "small" projects.  It is so nice to have that super fast gratification of a completed project :)

Obviously, this is not the table it is for :)  I did HST's in alternating Pinwheels and Diamonds :)  Doesn't this just make you feel like Spring!!

 A little close up on the pattern.   This fabric is from the Sweet Divinity line by Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish.  I just love it!!  I just can't get enough of those beautiful greens!!!

A close-up on the quilting.  I did my loops and flower quilting.  It has become a favorite and it gets a little better each time I do it :)

 I didn't have any Sweet Divinity yardage so I just grabbed a fun print from my stash for the backing :)
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Corey's VIBee Block

This Month for VIBee Corey asked us to do a Dresden plate.  I have done made two other Dresden plates and loved them each time so I was super excited to do another one.  Corey sent amazingly beautiful prints that she had already cut into the Dresden wedges, thanks Corey :)  I was so happy with the finish result.  My plate laid down perfectly and who doesn't just love polka dots!!!! Isn't it just beautiful :)

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Maybe I should go out of town again :)

Okay, so who knew going out of town and being offline for a week equaled the giveaway fairy shinning down on you??  Let me show you what I mean.

Right before I left I got word that I had won this from Bee in my Bonnet.   Don't you just love those unbelievably adorable cute 30's prints.  I am going to have to find a cute project for these.  She also sent an adorable pattern with them.  Thank you Lori!!!

While I was gone I got an email from Sue at Quilt Times that I had won this.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I have heard so much about Schnibble patterns but have never had one.  I cant wait to whip a few of these quilts out.  Who knows, I bet the perfect pattern for those 30's prints is just waiting in the pages of this book. Thank you Sue!!!

And lastly, when I got back home, I got word from Darlene at SewCalGal that I was one of the winners of the Golden Quilter Awards.  Not one of the winners of the category but one of the winners of the giveaway :) Immediately I started getting excited wondering what I had won.  So I headed on over to check the winners list of prizes.  Now when I saw this prize, I started jumping up and down and screaming!!!  

Oh yes, I won the Fat Quarter Bundle of Amy Butler's Soul Blossom prints!!!  Ahhhh!!!!  Now I am stalking the mailman each day just waiting for it to arrive.  Thank you Darlene and (Sponsor of this prize.).  I am just thrilled!!!  

And VIBee Ladies, I am pretty sure this will be my fabric for my month :)  Won't it just be perfect!!!  Now to find a pattern.  Any suggestions for a great Bee month quilt with these amazing prints???

So ya, maybe I should go offline again if this is the result :)
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better late then Never

So I was organizing a bit in the sewing room yesterday to get ready to do some serious sewing :)  While organizing I realized I had 2 copies of the Pre Cuts magazine.  I thought to myself  "I thought I mailed this out before I left."  Then it hit me, I was supposed to pick a winner for the second copy on Monday.  Oops!!!  Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.  I blame it on a week being gone and second trimester brain lapses.

So, without further ado . . . the winner of the Pre Cuts magazine is . . . .

Congrats to Quilter In The Gap!!!!!    .  I have sent you an email to get your address.
Do you want me to sign my name right here? Tee Hee Hee :)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So it is another Wednesday and I figure maybe writing down what I should be working on will help me to get things back together.  Ever notice when you go out of town for a while how long it takes to get back into the swing of things.  So, what's on the sewing desk now . . .

 I am working on a spring table runner for my sister-in-law.  I wanted to get it done before going to Utah but that didn't happen, le sigh.  But I need to get it done asap as it is Spring :)  I am Making it with Sweet Divinity that I won from Amanada at the Quilted Fish.  I love these prints!!!  More on it to come :)

I am also starting to play with some Christmas fabric!!!  I love Christmas and there is nothing like some beautiful Christmas fabric to brighten your day and make you cheery.   And when it is Kate Spain's new Flurry collection . . .Well lets just say Josh Groban's Noel CD is spinning right now :)

There are a few things put off that will probably stay that way at the moment.

I need to quilt up my Quilt-A-Long quilt.  How sad is that, it is my Quilt-A-Long and I can't seem to get the finished top turned into a finished quilt.

I also got way behind in Block-A-Palooza.  It's all done and I only have 1/2 of the blocks done.  Another project for another day :)

So that is it for today :)  Here is hoping I get my house all clean and ready for the showing I have tomorrow so that I can have a few minutes to get some sewing done.  Selling your house is tuff work :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Modern - Challenge 2

I have been so excited to reveal this finish. So without all the story behind it, here it is!!!!

Now onto the story :)  This time the Project Modern Challenge was to create a Monocramatic quilt.  About a week after this challenge was posted I got an email from my Sister-In-Law saying that they found out that they baby they are expecting is going to be a little girl.  They have 3 little boys already and this is their last one so they were super excited to find out they were finally going to get their little girl.  Now these three previously mentioned little brothers love Super Heroes.  They can't get enough of Batman, Spiderman, and especially Superman.  So, wanting this new little bundle of joy to fit right in, my Sister-In-Law asked me if I could make her a Supergirl quilt.

As soon as I saw that request I started smiling to myself.  I instantly knew what I wanted to do and that it would be perfect for a monochromatic quilt.  You know how you just get that picture in your head.   Then it was just figuring out how to take that picture from my head and turn it into a design of a superman logo in a scrappy strip setting all in pink.  Super cute!!!  

I knew I wanted the logo to really pop so I decided to do it in light tones of pink.  And then I decided to use the dark tones of pink for the background to really make it stand out.  I was so happy with the result when it was all pieced together.  I decided to take the whole pop idea one step further by only quilting the background in a super small loopy pattern so that the symbol just jumps off the blanket.  I am so happy with the finished results. 

This quilt just fits my Sister-In-Law and her family just so perfectly!!  I got to give it to her and my brother this last week while I was in Utah.   And to say they loved it would be a vast understatement.  I wish I would have remembered my camera when I gave it to them :)

So in conclusion . . . . This quilt was a blast to design, sew, and quilt.  It will be greatly loved by it's new little owner that will be arriving in a few short months and her whole family.  Does it get any better than that??

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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Back :)

Okay, so being off line for a week was difficult to say the least.  I missed reading everyone's blogs and chatting with you all through email. I missed all of the wonderful daily inspiration and the good laughs.  I missed posting what I was working on, even though I didn't have time at all to work on anything last week.  You see, last week was like this.

It started with a 25 hour drive.  Next was three whirl-wind days looking at over 30 houses and spending time with my husband's family (this part was awesome).  Then it was back in the car again for a quick jaunt up the I-15 to spend some time with my family , including my brand new niece (again awesome).  And then the bummer, back in the car again for another 25 hour drive back which turned into about 27 hours as our car broke down 30 miles from home and had to be towed in. (ya, a bit scary).

But in the end We found a wonderful house in Utah that we absolutely fell in love with, our offer was accepted, and we now have somewhere to go to when we finish up here in Indiana.  Yippee Skippee!!!  So my friends, I missed you.  I am sorry for the prolonged absence but I wanted to focus my efforts on our goal to find a house, and spending time with family.  It was a wonderful week!!

I would post more about projects finished earlier , pictures of the house, and such but I have a showing of my house here in South Bend in 1 hour and need to finish unpacking.  See ya tomorrow!!!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Be Back Soon :)

Hello All,

Just a quick note that I will be off line for the next week.  No worries, nothing is wrong, I will just be away from the computer for a week swamped with some other responsibilities :)  I'll miss you all and will be back soon :)

This was a quilt I did a few years ago but it sure makes me happy for spring :)
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