Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Sew Sampler

I tell you what, I just love the end of the month now when my fun Sew Sampler box arrives ;)   And this month's even has me contemplating trying something new!!  So fun!!!

First off though, the fabric ;)  And this month's box had a beautiful Fat Eighth bundle of Handmade!!!  Eeekk, I love Bonnie and Camille's fabrics and this line is so great.  I especially love that adorable text print on the top ;)

And along with the Bonnie and Camille Fabrics, is Bonnie and Camille Embroidery Floss.   Now, we all know by know, that I am not that great at and don't have much of a love for handwork.  But those beautiful threads have me wanting to try my hand at it again.  I haven't decided if I want to stitch the pattern that came with the box or find my own yet, but I really think I am going to give it a go ;)  So any cute (and fairly simple :) patterns you can suggest would be most appreciated ;)

And last but not least, of course, I had to make up the monthly sampler block.   And this month really made me smile because hey, it's a mixture of Bonnie and Camille too ;)   Gotta love it!!!

And wouldn't you know it, I have a finish to share tomorrow, and guess what, it just might be some Bonnie and Camille too ;)   Gotta Love it!!!

And that's all for today ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Day!!

It's Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Day!!!   Let's have some fun!!!

First,  we need to announce the winner from last weeks Terrific Tuesday Giveaway!!   The winner of the Sweet Rose Fat Quarter Bundle from  The Intrepid Thread  is . . .   Number #342. . . Congrats Southern Gal!! I have emailed you :)    


And on to today's

Today's Terrific Tuesday Giveaway is being sponsored by Shabby Fabrics!!    Shabby Fabrics is has a fantastic selection of fabrics and always has amazing Sale and Clearance fabrics as well!!!!!!!   And if you facebook, pop on over and Like Shabby Fabrics, to help them reach their goal of 100K Likes!!  (You can even use is as one of your entries to the giveaway ;)  

And the Terrific Tuesday Giveaway is for a Vintage Picnic Layer Cake by Bonnine and Camille for Moda !!!   I just love this fantastic line, it is just so happy!!!  Especially those adorable little birdies ;)

You have two entry chances, the second being optional, and please leave a separate comment for each.  All Entries are welcome, including International Entries.  Please just be sure to leave an email address if you are a no-reply blogger ;)  

ENTRY 1 - Simply leave a comment that tells me you favorite thing to take on a picnic :)

 ENTRY 2 - Show your Shabby Fabrics love. You can follow them on FacebookTwitterYou TubePinterest, or Instagram.  You can Sign up for the Shabby Fabrics Newsletter (top right hand corner) or Follow their Blog,  or you can Visit the Shop and then share a favorite item ;)   Just be sure to leave a comment of how you showed your Shabby Fabric Love!!!

And that's it ;)  The giveaway will be open until next Tuesday, November 1st, when I will announce a winner at the beginning of next weeks Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Post :)

Good Luck and Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Organization with the Scrappy Planner and Accessories

One of the most common questions I get when teaching or via email or comments on my blog is . . .  How Do I Make So Many Quilts in a Year?  And the long explanation includes my daily schedule that is pretty much like clockwork around here now, with set times for computer work, chain piecing, and pressing, and of course, some time to take care of the kiddos in there as well.   But the simple answer is Organization.  I have always had a love for organization.  Even when I was little, I used to sort my toys into similar categories and then line them up by size :)  Being Organized has blessed me well my whole life, through jobs, to raising babies, and now into this wonderful Quilting industry.   So you can imagine that I just about jumped out of my skin when this fabulous package from Fat Quarter Shop arrived on my doorstep Saturday afternoon.    It's Lori Holt's new Scrappy Project Planner and the accompanying accessories.   Talk about Quilting Organization!!!!

The planner starts with a huge section on planning projects.  For each page of projects there is a start and finish date, sketching space, color planning, and details on the quilt size, blocks, and supplies.  Everything you need to keep track of each project you are working on.   And getting to write it all color coded with the matching markers is just so fun!!!

And then the next section is your weekly planner, so you can actually plan day to day how to fit all of those projects that you just wrote up into your weeks and months.  Brilliant!!  And of course, you totally can't help but love getting to use all of the little matching stickers to represent sew times, appointment times, kids activity times, and any other time you might have.  Trust me, there is a sticker in that book for everything and they are so cute!!!

And the Lori broke it down one more step, by include a Daily To Do List as an accessory.   And I have to say, I am so loving this pad!!!  I write myself a daily To Do list but it is normally just on a post it or scratch paper.  How cute is this To Do list!!!  And the idea of including the Water Jars, so Brilliant!!!  I totally need that reminder.  I can't wait to start filling this out first thing tomorrow morning (I waited on today, as the kids were out of school and I slept in and didn't go to the pool, and I didn't want to start out on a day where I would have to cheat on fitness, tee hee hee ;)

And one last shot of the planner, for two reasons.  First to show you the other sections included in the planner.  There is a Tips and Organizing, where Lori has fantastic tips on storing fabrics, and easy references for all of the measurements you need for your most commonly used piecing units.  Then there is Scrappy Patterns, with 6 adorable scrappy patterns in full step by step color pictures.  I totally need to get started on these now, I want to scrap bust like crazy :)   And finally, there is a Notes section to just help you keep track of it all, because once written down, you don't have to remember it anymore ;)  

But the second reason I wanted to share this picture is because of the awesome quote from Lori on the cover page.   "Organizing isn't about being perfect - it's about being efficient. "   You just can't say it any better than that.   

And that is the Scrappy Project Planner.  Eeekk, I am so excited to start filling it up with all my plans, especially with Christmas fast approaching.  I have so many handmade gift ideas swimming around in my head that I need to write down and start planning out  And  now, I can do just that.  And speaking of Christmas, wouldn't the Scrappy Project Planner and all of it's accessories  be just the perfect Christmas Present.   You might want to add it to your Santa Wish List ;)     So fun!!!

I hope you had a very Happy Quilting Weekend and a wonderful Start to a Happy Quilting Monday!!
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Friday, October 21, 2016

An Impromptu Table Runner or 2

So remember yesterday when I said I was excited to be working on some WIP's , well . . . I got distracted :)   And 2 totally impromptu fall table runners were the result ;)

You see, it all started when I got an email with cutting directions for a new project (one of those secret ones for a bit ;)   And you know how I love cutting!!!  So I immediately started cutting all of the prints that I would need for the project.   But then, I had all of these beautiful  strips and some scrappy bits leftover.  I just love these Desert Bloom prints from Sherri and Chelsi and knew right away that they would make the prettiest fall table runners.   

So I started to chain piece.  I really wanted to embrace some improvisational piecing here so I just kept chain piecing without much of a plan.  (which is so hard for me, but always a fun activity in letting go ;)  I chain pieced all of the little bits of scraps into strips that were about the same length as the strips I already had.   And I just loved that I had a variety of scrap sizes because they turned out so cute in all of their patchwork goodness.  From there I decided to add a super skinny neutral strip to either side of the patchwork so that it didn't get lost or to busy in the table runner.

Then I grabbed all of my plain strips and just started adding them to the patchwork.  Again, I tried to do this all improv, just randomly picking a side to add it to ;)  And of course, chain stitching was so fast, I didn't have time to worry about what it was going to all turn out like, tee hee hee.

So then I had all of these sections of pieced and plain strips.   At this point, I was super happy to find that I actually had enough for 2 runners, yippee!!!

I divided the section in half and then played with the layouts until I got 2 table runners that were fun and random, but yet still pleasing to the eye ;)  

And then, just for a little more balance and to really make those beautiful prints pop, I added a neutral border.  I just love the way it frames up all of that improvisational piecing goodness ;) 

And I used up all of the scrap bits from cutting my secret project.   So exciting!!!!   Don't you just love a good scrapbuster ;)

 Now I just need to get these quilted up ;)   But I guess I better get back to that previously mentioned WIP that is already on the long arm, but when it comes off, these might just squeak in between the next quilt.   So fun!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

Linking up to Amanda's and Sarah's ;)

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 Quilt Along WIP's

I am all caught up with my secret sewing at the moment, so now I can get back to finishing up some of those things that got set aside for a deadline.   And wouldn't you know it, all 3 things I pulled out to work on yesterday just happened to be Quilt Along's, Yup, I love em!!!!

First off, I pulled out my Summer Solstice quilt top.  I thought I was pretty much done with the top, but I realized that the wonderful brother and sister-in-law I am making it for actually has a King size bed, not a Queen.  So I grabbed my leftover scraps and had just enough to add a good size border.  Which I added, didn't like the fabric arrangement, took off, and then added again, but ya know how that goes ;)  I then pieced up a backing, so this is all ready to be loaded on the long arm now.  

But it is going to have to wait it's turn, because look what I loaded on the Long Arm on Tuesday morning ;)   Yup, my Snapshots quilt along top has waited just under a year now to be quilted, and it was high time it got some attention.   I am doing all of the "pictures" in straight line quilting to practice my ruler work ;)  And then I am doing swirls and curls and loopde loops in the backgrounds and borders.     I am so excited with how it is starting to come together and can't wait to get this one all finished up so I can donate it to the Festival of Trees this year in honor of my sweet little nephew ;)

And finally, while I was watching the game with my sweetheart last night, I finished pressing all of my cute little HST's for the border of my Crossroads Quilt Along top.  They are all ready to sew together into rows this morning ;)

I am so excited to be working on these 3 quilts and to be getting them out of the WIP pile ;)  Hopefully it won't be long before I can share finish quilts ;)   

What are you working on today???
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