Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Winner!!

Wow, it's time to announce another winner!!  Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments on my Five Little Pumpkins block!!  You all are the greatest!!

And thank you to Leah of Burgundy Buttons for sponsoring this fabulous fall giveaway!!!  The winner of the Give Thanks Layer Cake by Deb Strain is . . .

Congrats Tiffany!!!  I will be sending you an email momentarily!!

In other news, I leave for Quilt Market in 2 days!!!!  I am so excited  (and yes, a little nervous too)!!!  I have to start thinking about packing!!  It would help if my kids didn't all have the pukes.  Good thing my Mom is coming down to help!! 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Braided Irish Chains!!

Done and Done!!!!   And can I just say, I love them!!!!  I bought the fabric back in May, and here they are, (finally) done in October.  I so enjoyed having these as a "go to" project that I could sew a little here and a little there, in between all of my other projects.  I think I am going to have to create a new "go to" project now that theses are done.   And since I already talked about the size and fabrics and tutorial in this post, I will just show some pictures :)

The King Size - Eeek, so exciting!!!  And I love me some scrappy binding!!

Hanging from the deck with the sun just peeking over the house.

I quilted varying size swirls all over.  They were so much fun, but as it is rather dense it took me 6 hours to quilt.  And that was on a rented long arm! I couldn't imagine trying to do this on my home machine.  

The Queen Size - Ahh, so pretty!!!  I love a crisp white background!!

 Isn't it great when you take a shot from a different angle and get a great new secondary pattern!!

I quilted this one in an echoed paisley.  There is a video tutorial here on this pattern if you are interested :)

Now I am just super excited (and a little nervous) to teach the class!!!  I guess I still have a few months to stew over that :)

So, I am curious . . .   Do you have a "go to" project that you squeeze in between all of your other projects??  Do you like it or does it stress you out??   I feel like I just figured this out and am really liking it!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012


***  Looking for the Burgundy Buttons Sponsored Layer Cake??  Giveaway is here :)

Today is the end of the Beginner's Guide to Free Motion Quilting Book Tour!!  Thank you again to Natalia for giving me the opportunity to review her fabulous book and for allowing me to give one away to one of my readers!!

So do you want to see who won???

Mr. Random.Org says the winner is #103

 Congrats to Karin!!!  Sounds like you will really enjoy this amazing book!!
And for all the rest of us . . . Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!!
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweet Celebrations Winner Celebrate

***  Note - Looking for the Beginners Guide to Free Motion Quilting?? Giveaway is here :)
                    Looking for the Burgundy Buttons Sponsored Layer Cake??  Giveaway is here :)

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about the Sweet Celebrations Book!!  I have been thrilled to be a part of this process and a part of this amazing group of chefs!!

Now, let's announce a winner!!  Winner of their own copy of Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs as well as a fabulous Layer Cake is . . .

The Envelope Please . . . . .   Thanks to the help of Mr. Random.Org the winner is . . #230

Congrats to Rush!!!  I have sent you an email :)

And if you didn't win but still want to peruse the pages of this great book you can order it at Amazon here or peruse your favorite online store to see if they carry it :)

I got my copy on my doorstep the other day.  I almost didn't want to open the box it seemed so surreal.  And then of course I tore open the box and have been devouring it in every one of my spare minutes ;)  It really is a fabulous book.  The layout is lovely and so well organized.  The pictures are beautiful.  The instructions are easy to understand.  All in all, a fabulous book!!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Little Pumpkins - A Glorious Autumn Block Tutorial and Giveaway

Introducing . . . 5 Little Pumpkins - A story book block :)

So here is the story behind the block.  I was asked by Michelle of Quilting Gallery if I would like to  participate in the Glorious Autumn Block Party.  Of course!!!  I have so much fun creating new blocks!  And it helped that I knew instantly what I wanted to design.

Have you read this story before?  If not, you have probably sung it.  You know  . . . 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate, the first one says, oh my it's getting late, the second one says . . . and so forth though all the pumpkins.   Well my kids love it!! And  I thought, hey, I bet the kids would love a cute little pillow (which my block will be soon) that they could remove pumpkins from as we chant the story together.

And so I drew it up, sewed it up, and now just have to turn it into a pillow.

But for today . . . Let''s show you how to make your own 5 Little Pumpkins Block!

You Will Need:

(2) Orange 10" x 10" Squares  (or large orange scraps)
(1) Blue 8 1/2" x 12 1/2" Rectangle
(4) Yellow 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" Rectangles
(1) Yellow 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" Strip
(3) Green 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Rectangles
(2) Green 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" Rectangles
Scrap batting pieces
5 black buttons


Start by laying your 4 yellow rectangles and 5 green rectangles out as follows with the small green rectangles at the beginning and end of the row.  Place the yellow rectangles on the green rectangles with right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam along the aligned edge.  Press.  Finish sewing the row together by placing the second pieced set onto the first pieced set with right sides together and sewing a 1/4" seam along the aligned edge.  Press.  Continue adding the third, fourth, and then 5 piece.

Now layout the blue rectangle, yellow strip, and pieced strip  as follows.

Sew the three rows together using the same method employed to piece the strip together.   The background to your block is now complete and can be set aside for the moment.


Print out the following template.  Just save the image to your computer and then add it to a word file.  You will want to size your fabric template to about 3 1/2" x 4".  You can also choose to just make your own pumpkin template or just free hand your pumpkins making them each unique.

Trace the pumpkin template onto your orange fabric.  Trace 5 template pieces with the template right side up and 5 template pieces with the template right side down.  I use a water soluble pen to do this but you can just use a regular pen.  Cut your 10 pumpkins out.

Now trace 5 pumpkins onto scrap batting using the batting template.  If you want your pumpkins super puffy then double up your batting.  Cut out the batting pumpkins.

Lay a right side up and a right side down fabric pumpkin together with right sides facing each other.  Then place a batting pumpkin on top.  Stitch a 1/4" seam around the entire edge of the pumpkin leaving a gap in the side.  Remember to back stitch at the start and finish.  Turn your pumpkin right side out through the hole. Use a pencil or pointed tool to push the edges out.  Press.  Fold the raw edges under and pin.  Sitch a 1/8" seam around the entire pumpkin closing the hole.  Repeat to make 5 pumpkins.

Now to make the pumpkins removable.  Stitch a button hole into the center of all 5 pumpkins using the buttonhole foot for your machine.  If you machine doesn't have a buttonhole foot (yes, I used to have one like this) you can make a buttonhole using a zig-zag stitch.  It is a bit of a pain but works :)


Lay your pumpkins onto your background fabric and move them around until you get them placed in a manner pleasing to you.  Using a marking pin, mark through the center of the buttonhole onto the background block.

Now simply stitch a button onto each of the 5 markings.  I just use a zig-zag stitch with my feed dogs down to sew on my buttons.

Now, just button your pumpkins onto your block!!

And when you read the story, your kids can take the pumpkins off and roll them away!!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and enjoy your own 5 Little Pumpkins Block!!  If you make a block, I would love to see it!!  You can add it to my Inspired by Happy Quilting Flickr group or email it to me :)  You can also add it to the Glorious Autumn Block Party Flickr Group :) 

Now for some extra fun tidbits that go along with the Glorious Autumn Block Party!!!

First, As part of the Block Party, Michelle has written up a little Designer Profile on me.  Just some quirky and fun facts about me and my quilting.  You can go the the Quilting Gallery Blog to read more about it :)

Second, with each new block in the party there is also a Super Quilter's Deal at the Quilting Gallery for your to take advantage of.  So check that out as well :)

Third, To see all of the amazing blocks in the party so far just visit the Glorious Autumn Block Party Headquarters!!!  There are some stunning blocks there!!!

And Finally, Fourth!!!   What would a Block Party be without a GIVEAWAY!!

Leah from Burgundy Buttons has graciously offered to sponsor this giveaway.  So a huge thanks goes out to her for providing the prize!!!

And what is the prize???  I thought something Fall-ish was in order.  So one of you lucky readers will win a Give Thanks Layer Cake by Deb Strain!!!  

Here's How To Enter

1 - Leave me a comment of one thing you can give thanks for.

2 - For a bonus entry you can follow Burgundy Buttons Blog and then leave me a comment that you do so.

3 - For a second bonus entry you can sign up for the Burgundy Buttons Newsletter and then leave me a comment that you do so.

That's it!!!  The giveaway will be open until October 23nd and I will announce a winner then :)  Good Luck!!

P.S.  If you are looking for the TNT Thursday Post it is below this one :)
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