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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Be Fruitful - HQM Quilt 21

It is Week 21 of the Happy Quilting Marathon and exhaustion almost got the best of me today.   I quilted this yesterday and just needed to add the binding, but after fighting a cold all week, I ended up with a migraine today.   And let me tell you, it is hard to bind when you can not see the needle on the machine, tee hee hee.   I am sure in real marathon's, people feel way worse with only 5 miles to go, so I figured I best suck it up, and not trip so close to the end.   And I pushed through and here is Be Fruitful just in the nick of time!!!   

And let me tell you, I am so happy it is done because this is one of my "older" waiting around to be quilted quilts ;)  I actually made the plan for this quilt back in 2019 using the Be Fruitful block from the Goodness Grows Sampler.  I finished the quilt top in April of 2020 and planned to get it quilted right away.  Well . . . two years later and it's done!!! And isn't it just so happy :)  

I used the scraps from my Goodness Grows Sampler to make this Be Fruitful quilt.   And I just love all of Corey Yoder's fabrics and this Sugarcreek line was sure a cute one!!  To make the quilt, I simple made 16 blocks, and then sashing's with stitch and flip cornerstones.   The blocks are 15" finished and the sashings were 3" finished so the quilt ended up being 75" x 75" so it is a great picnic size quilt ;)  

And as I said, I wasn't feeling great (colds are no fun) when I quilted this, so I went for a nice and fast finish with all over loose feathers.   I just love how fun these are to quilt, I just flow all over the quilt with my little arched feathers :)  And you guessed it, 402 for the win on thread choice ;)  

And now this Be Fruitful Quilt is finally all finished and ready to be gifted.  I think this is another one that would make a  lovely wedding or graduation gift.  It's so nice to be getting a stack of these done so I am set for weddings and graduations for a little while now ;)   I can't believe how many of these were just waiting to be quilted, but this one was totally worth the wait!!! 

And that is Quilt #21 - All the Trimmings ;)  21 Down and only 5 more quilts to go in the Happy Quilting Marathon :)   Next week I have hopes to start earlier in the week and not leave it until the very last second, no way can I not finish now :)  

And that is it for today, thanks for popping in to share this finish with me!!! 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Be Fruitful Quilt Plan

Okay, so the last thing I need is a new project!!  But sometimes a new project just sort of happens ;)

So here is how it wen't down.  My Be Fruitful Block that  I made back here  is on my counter just waiting for the additional Goodness Grows patterns by Corey Yoder that come each month in my Sew Sampler Box.   And every time I go in to sew, I just can't stop thinking how awesome it would look in a quilt on it's own!!!

And then I thought, nah, I need to make the Goodness Grows quilt.   But then as I thought about the Goodness Grows quilt I realized  I am using an entire fat quarter bundle of Sugarcreek and the Goodness Grows quilt kit  doesn't call for that many fat quarters so there are extra Fat Quarters!!!   And my brain totally rationalized that the last thing I need to do is add more extra fat quarters to my scrap drawers right ;) 

So I started  doing some quilty math of what I needed for my Goodness Grows pattern and what I would need for an entire quilt of Be Fruitful blocks, and wouldn't you know it . . . The fabric requirements worked out perfect!!!   Meant to be right!!!    So then I sketched it up and it was instantly a no-brainier.   I need this quilt!!!

And to the cutting mat I went ;)   Who knows when I will have time to actually sew this, (so many projects :)   but it's all cut now, so I know it will happen, sometime!!   It will finish at 75" x 75" with the adding 3" finished sashing.  And aren't those cornerstones just so cute ;)

So yup, another quilt in the making . . . but less scraps in the bin ;)    That's a fair trade, right??

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy 3rd Birthday Sew Sampler!!!

Oh my goodness, I can not believe the Sew Sampler Box is 3 Years old :)   Happy Birthday Sew Sampler!!!!    I can't believed I have had 36 aqua boxes arrive on my doorstep, and I have loved each and every one!!!   And of course,  I am so super excited for this new year of Aqua Quilting Goodie Boxes arriving each month!!!    And April's Sew Sampler Box starts off year 4 celebrating with Spinkles and Confetti!!!!

And the party starts with a sprinkling of Tula Goodness, which you know has me all the heart eyes!!!!   I was thrilled to find Pinkerville, Tula's new line of gorgeous fantasy prints mixed with stunning cool colors!!!  The Petite Pinkerville Design Roll paired with the Confetti Star pattern is already on the to make list!!!  All that is left is to just pick up the Finishing Kit ;)     It is just so fantastic!!! 

And Fat Quarter Shop didn't stop the Tula love there :)  They even had a Sprinkling of Tula in the notions.   How awesome is this 4 1/2" Fussy Cut Ruler!!  Can you see the unicorn etched in it :)  It just makes me smile, such a creative way to add a little pizzazz to a quilting ruler!!!  And the 4" Mini Duckbill Scissors from the Tula Hardware collection will be so perfect for trimming and applique.  I tried them out this morning for a little applique, and I love them already!!!  And the Quilter's Tips are such a great little idea for quilting on your home machine and for binding.  I think those will be going to Barbara, since I owe her big for doing so many of my bindings :)

And last but not least . . . And I am so very excited for this . . .   With a new year of  the Sew Sampler Box, comes a new sampler and this year it is the Goodness Grows quilt designed by Corey Yoder.   Corey was actually in the first online quilting bee I participated and we have been good friends ever since!!!   I absolutely love her fabrics  (made quilts with them here, here, here, and here)  And I am thrilled that I happened to get a bundle of her just announced (not released until Sept.)  Sugarcreek Line from my good friends at Moda!!!!   As soon as I saw the first pattern, I knew I just had to break open this bundle for this new years blocks :)

And here is the first block, Be Fruitful!!!  Isn't is just so great!!!  That is 1" finished patchwork in the center of the block and I can't get over how totally cute it is ;)    I am hoping we will see more of that adorable patchwork in future blocks, but only time will tell.   But I can tell already, I am so going to love this quilt!!!

Which makes me all the more excited to see what will come next month, both in fabric and notions as well as the next Goodness Grows block :)

And sad to say, if you are wanting to get in on the new year of Sew Sampler boxes you have to get in line.  There is currently a waiting list as the box subscription is full.   But hopefully the wait isn't to long.  (I have been told new spots open up each week!!!)     And if you just want to make the new Goddness Grows patterns along with everyone else, they will be available each month, as well as a Goodness Grows Quilt Kit, that includes over 14 yards of fabric in Corey's current line Strawberry Jam, which is oh so great as well!!! 

And if you are waiting to get in on the Sew Sampler Box fun, I have a special Birthday Surprise coming later this week . . .think some of this month's quilting goodies . . .be sure and check back :)

** This post contains affiliate links. 

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Time for some Happy Quilting!!!!

This last week was "Spring Break".   Which, of course,  was a little different than past Spring Breaks.   We still tried to make it a fun week off for the kids with hiking, nerf wars (the boys choice) tons of family board games and a trip to the Beaver Creamery for ice cream.  But it was much more laid back than normal.   And I especially noticed the slow down because we weren't doing online school for a week.   So I took full advantage of the slowdown and stitched, and stitched, and stitched!!!    And  now I have 6 quilt tops ready for quilting!!!!!

I have had so many of these blocks in various phases of completion and have had piles all over the sewing room.  I can't tell you how great it feels to have them all in one nice stack now.   I finished up my Sparkly Stars Halloween Quilt that I started from this throwback.     I pieced together my Vintage Charm quilt top, from the class I took in January and I just love it's beautiful fall goodness!!!   And do you remember my Be Fruitful Quilt plan from the one block I shared way back here . . .  well, from one block to quilt top ;)   And super fun, Corey Yoder is releasing a new pattern of this block called Marketplace that will be available super soon!!! 

And then, I also worked on some Charming Baby Quilts remakes ;)    I started a Ring Around The Rosie remake back in February and it was time to get it done!!!  This quilt was the least far along of all 6, so it took the most time, but I am so super excited because it is going to be a new king size quilt for my bed!!!   Can't wait to get it quilted and bound ;)    And while I was making bigger quilts, I decided to make a Layer Cake version of A Star is Born!!!    It is going to be amazing!!!   And finally, I quadrupled my Daisy Mae Dream Big quilt I had shared back here and added a border.   And it is just so pretty!!!!

So now, it is time for some serious Happy Quilting!!!!   We are also back to online school, so I won't have near as much time to put my head down and just stitch away.   But I don't want these tops lying around forever now . . . so here is to some finishes to share super soon ;)

I hope you all had a very Happy Quilting Weekend and here is to an amazing Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Monday, October 28, 2019

What's Sewing On :)

With the Starstruck Quilt Along starting to wind down to it's close, there is suddenly more time to work on some more projects!!!   So I thought it would be fun to share that today as it has been awhile since I did a "what I am working on" post, other than of course, the weekly Starstruck posts, tee hee hee ;)  

So first off, I am super excited that I finally got my "Vanessa Squared" blocks sewn into a quilt top!!!   If your remember, I shared last month  that I am using the Smart Cookie pattern from Vanessa Goertzen's new Jelly Filled book, combined with Vanessa Christensen's  new Ombre Fabrics.  I loved the quilt blocks but basically just needing enough time to figure out a color layout I liked.   So this weekend I did that.   And funny thing,  once I had the layout figured, the blocks sewed up into a quilt top in an hour ;)   And I can't wait to get this quilted and share the finish.  My stop on Vanessa's Book Tour is Nov. 8th, so not to much longer to wait!!! 

And I have also been working on a new Leader and Ender project while constructing all of the Starstruck Quilt Along tutorials and Charming Baby Quilts.   Since I finished piecing all of my Scraptastic Star Blocks  I needed a new Leader and Ender project and my Be Fruitful project I planned back in June was the perfect fit!!! I have now finished all of the block centers, and corners, and only have the 4 sets of side blocks and cornerstones left ;)  I can't wait to see these blocks come together, it is going to be such a pretty quilt!!!

And finally, you know I can't help but start a new project when I have a little open time, right!!!  I was thrilled when my good friends at Fat Quarter Shop  asked if I would like to participate in their new Perfect 5 Quilts Quilt Along!!!   Of course, with the announcement of my Charming Baby Quilts book it is no secret that I am a big fan of working with Charm Packs, so I was all in for playing with the new Perfect 5 Ruler (specifically designed for Charm Packs) and making a new project from the amazing pages of the Perfect 5 Quilts book.  I plan to use 2 Wonder Charm Packs and a combination of 2 blocks to make a super soft and adorable baby quilt!!  Can't wait to share more ;)

So that is what I am working on . . . So how about you???  What's on your cutting tables, sewing machines, and ironing boards today??? 
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