Monday, September 16, 2019

Two Tidbits

I hope you all had a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!  I got to spend a wonderful weekend full of a Trunk Show with some amazing ladies, a whole lot of sewing, and of course, it was all mixed in with the kids weekend activities ;)  Sadly, I didn't take any pics of my trunk show, I am just so forgetful about that.  I am teaching this weekend as well, so I will try harder to remember to take lots of pictures ;)    But anyhow, Today I just wanted to pop in with two quick tidbits. 

First off, the Starstruck Quilt Along ;)  We only have two days left before I will announce the first assignment of cutting your fabrics ;)   So if you are quilting along, be sure and get your fabrics rounded up and take a picture of them to link up to be entered to win the weekly prize ;)   I am so excited for this quilt along, it is going to be so fun!!!  I know a lot more of you expressed interest in joining in than have linked up at this point, so I just wanted to give you a little reminder.  And no worries, I know how we quilter's always work best at the last minute ;) 

Second, did you know that this Saturday is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day!!!    This is the third year of this super fun event and I highly recommend participating, whether at your local quilt shop or at home!!  Last year I worked on 3 baby quilts and got so much done on that fun filled day.   But this year, I am working ahead a bit.   This Saturday we have so many kids activities going, so I don't see a whole lot of sewing time, so I have started my Jelly Roll Project ahead of time, and hope to get a few minutes to squeeze in some sewing on Saturday.    And what is my project . . .well it's some Vanessa Squared goodness!!!   I'm using the Smart Cookie pattern from Vanessa Goertzen's new Jelly Filled book, combined with the amazing goodness of Vanessa Christensen's  new Ombre Fabrics.   And I am so excited with how it is coming together.   Here is a little sneak peek ;)   I promise to share more in a few weeks, but isn't this just so fun!!!!  

So those are your two tidbits . . . Quilt Along and Jelly Along :)  Sounds like a super fun week to me!!!

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!! 

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