Thursday, May 13, 2021

Updates for Following

No pictures of quilts today, but trust me, I am stitching up a storm.   I just send two secret quilts in the mail yesterday and can't wait until I get to share them.   And I am currently working on 5 new projects that I will get to share more about soon :)  But for today, I wanted to just let you know that I updated the right hand side of the Blog to hopefully make it easier to "follow me".   So here is a quick rundown of the updates ;)

To get to my Etsy Shop where you can find all of my Happy Quilting Patterns as well as the Books I have published, you can now simply just click on the Happy Quilting Pattern & Book Shop button on the right hand side of the blog :)

And with Google announcing that Feed burner will no longer do email subscriptions, I have changed my RSS feed to Follow It.   If you are already an email subscriber to get my daily posts, you have been switched over and should not see a difference in your emails arriving.   If you would like to sign up to get my blog posts by email, you can just add your email in the box on the right hand side and click subscribe ;)

And with that new box, I was able to update my Social Media buttons as well to make them easier to find.  I am no longer using Flickr so I deleted that button and the email buttons ;)   So now, you can easily find me on these social media platforms by just clicking on the buttons on the right hand side of the blog ;)

And last but not least, If you like to use Bloglovin to follow blogs,  (it sends you an email with all of the posts of all of the blogs you follow) you can find me there as well by clicking on the Bloglovin button on the right hand side as well ;)   This has not changed from the past, but I just wanted to give it a shout out ;)

And that is the update :)   Thanks so much for following along with me and I hope this post makes it even easier for you to follow in the way that is most coinvent for you ;)

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow . . . I have a fun post planned with a fantastic giveaway (think Oliso) 

Oh, and one final reminder . . . tomorrow is the last day to get the new Happy Quilting Patterns on Sale :)   I see that there are a lot of patterns sitting in carts, so I just wanted to let you know the price will go up on them Saturday morning ;)   And thanks so much for all of your support of Stamp Collecting and Moroccan Lullaby 2 !!!    I hope you are Happy Quilting with them ;)

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