Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There's Always Next Year :)

So do you remember this beautiful fabric I bought (sometime in July) to make my three girls amazing matching Christmas Dresses??  Sadly, it is still in the same state as you see in this picture.  And there are no plans to try and frantically sew them together by Sunday.  I kept thinking I needed to work on them, and I would always find some excuse to procrastinate this scary project.  Then my daughter got some Christmas dresses handed down from her cousin and that was the final straw.  No sense in making more when she already has some.  (At least that is what I rationalized to myself :)  So back in the drawer it will go until next year.  and hey, at least Baby Jocelyn will be able to wear it more than 1 month next yer.  She is growing like a weed :)

and while I am on the note of putting things to next year . . . Let's see what other projects will become 2012 projects :)

Designing Stage
  • Baby Quilt for Special Nephew arriving in April
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • 4th of July Table Runner for Sister-In-Law 
  • Secret Project MB
Piecing Stage
  • Stars Quilt-A-Long
  • Baby Quilt for Special new Niece arriving in April
  • Hugs and Kisses Quilt for Grandma
  • Going Places Quilt
Quilting Stage
  • Nursery Crib Quilt
  • Baby Quilt for Special new Niece arriving in March 
Completed Stage
  • Christmas Tutorial
  • Flying in Squares Quilt - Coming to a bakeshop near you on the 28th!!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twisting Take 2!!

Yesterday everyone decided to give me an early Christmas present.  The little ones took a 3 1/2 afternoon nap and the older ones enjoyed some unsupervised craft time :)  Which meant I was able to finish my Twister.   This is a gift I am trying to finish up by Christmas.  However, when I finished I was not quite as happy with my results.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it or anything, I had just planned for a brown row, a brown-pink row, and then a pink row to pop.  The pink row really pops but the brown-pink row just blended to much with the brown row.  You know when it just doesn't quite turn out the way you had seen it in your head :)

So . . . . I grabbed the remaining pieces from the Heidi Grace pile and decided to use the tan brown instead of the brown I used previously.  I didn't use it initially because it has the same print as one of the brown prints but I think I can handle that if it makes a greater distinction between rows.  So this is what I will be working on today :)
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Twisting again :)

** If you are looking for the 3rd Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway you can find it here :)

Do you ever have one of those days where you know you should be doing something else but you just want to do that special something :)  Ya, that was last Thursday for me.  I have WIP that need to be completed, Bee's that needed to be organized (which I did this morning :) , designs to be put into EQ, a tutorial to finish, and I had to pack to go out of town for the weekend.  So what did I do????

Started another "Twister" baby quilt!!!  I have been thinking over a stack of Heidi Grace on my shelf for a few weeks now and while lying in bed Wednesday night decided that it would be so adorable in a twister quilt but I wanted it to have more of a layed out look then a random look.   I got up (at 1:00 am mind you :) and figured out the design I wanted to do.  I wen't back to bed for a few hours and then got up and after getting the kids off to school went right downstairs and started sewing together the grid :)  I am so loving it!!!  I am about a 1/3 done.  Here's hoping I can get some more done today :)

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza with Burgundy Buttons!!!


It's Friday again so that means it is time for our third Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway.  This week's giveaway is sponsored by the fabulous Leah at Burgundy Buttons!!  Leah's shop is so fun and filled with all kinds of Moda goodness.  She has yardage, pre-cuts, snuggles, flannels and wovens.

And did you know that she has been having a fabulous 12 Days of Christmas sale???  Each day was a different sale.  Well if you didn't know, don't fret.  As the finale of the sale, you can get all of the sales from all 12 days!!!!  This Finale ends Saturday at Midnight so you best hop on over quick if you want to score some great deals :)

Now, onto the giveaway!!!   Up for grabs, a California Girl Jelly Roll.  This is Fig Tree Quilts newest line slated to come out in March.  That's right, you can't even buy this yet, but you can win it here!!!!

For a chance to win just do the following . . . and please, only one comment per option for a max of 2 comments :)

1 - Be A follower of Burgundy Buttons blog and leave a comment.  How about you tell me something you love about their shop or let me know you are new to Burgundy Buttons :)

2 - Pop on over to the Finale of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale and tell me what item you just are dying to put under your Christmas tree.  (I always love gifts that are to me, from me, tee hee hee :) 

So that's it :) The giveaway will close on Wednesday the 22nd. and I will announce a winner shortly after.   And Don't forget to stop by next Friday for our final Christmas Giveaway!!!  Good Luck to all and Happy Quilting!!!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winner, Winner, Winner!!!!

First off, thank you to Julie and The Intrepid Thread for sponsoring such an amazing giveaway!!!  Obviously, it was well like because WOW, there were a lot of comments.  1079 to be exact. So lets get to announcing the winner (who obviously has the luck of the Irish) of this fabulous Power Pop Giveaway!!!

And according to Mr. Random.Org the winner is . . . . #222

Who happens to be . . .  In Black and White!!!   Congrats!!!  I have sent you an email

Didn't win today . . .  It's okay.  Stop by tomorrow for our Third Christmas Giveaway!!  It's gonna be good!!!

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