Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Love Summer Reading!

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the great summer reading programs the libraries have.  A little enticement of  getting a treat or prize of some sort and my morning look a little like this . . .

Yes, even the little ones get in on the fun, although I think the baby just wants to eat the book.  (My middle child was sleeping in this particular morning :)  Reading time . . .  A little slice of heaven.   I would be joining them but somehow the book I was reading seems to have grown legs and walked away (I fear the 3 year old has something to do with it :)

Our library program this year asked the kids to keep track of their minutes but didn't have any type of form  to track them on.  I guess they were just supposed to write them down.  We'll for my kiddos, half of the fun is getting to mark off that you have read, so I whipped up these little reading charts.  (yes, I need to get new fridge magnets :)   I have put the template into Google documents, so if you find yourself needing a Summer Reading chart you can find one here.  (they mark every 10 minutes of reading)

 Oh, and one final note for today, Yes, my children do have pajamas that fit them and are more appropriate for the season, they just choose to wear the old, worn out, hot ones.  And after several discussions, I ended up conceding that it wasn't that big of a deal and if those are the ones they like they can wear them.  (even though it drives me nuts :)  My husband just reminds me that you just have to let some things go :)
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swapping and Quilting-Along???

It's coming soon!!  I am working on some of the details but go here for a little clue :)  Interested??  We'll be doing a Color Wheel Charm Swap first followed by a super fun and entertaining quilt-a-long :) (OH, an you know there will be lots of prizes!!)  So are you ready???  Any preferences on colors??   Watch for more details to come :)

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Winner of the EZ Dresden Ruler

It's time to choose a lucky winner!!  But first, a huge thank you to all of the super sweet comments you left about my Double Dresden Delight!!  I was just tickled pink with them.  You all sure know how to make a gal feel great.  And I hope I see lots of Double Dresden Delight's start popping up here and there :)  It really is a fun little quilt to put together!!

Now . . . Let's get onto the winner.

Mr. Random. Org says the lucky owner of a new EZ Dresden ruler is . . .#61

Who happens to be . . . Kathrynn!!  Congrats Kathrynn, I have sent you an email :)

And I am off to tidy up the house.  My Mom and Dad are arriving today to spend the rest of the week with us. My dad competes in the Utah Summer Games each year and since they are in Cedar City they get to come and stay with us :)  Which means my mom and I will have lots of time for sewing.  (she is bringing down her machine :)  I am so excited!!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Not What I Planned

Saturday the family and I were planning on going to the Annual Panguitch Quilt Walk!!  Panguitch is about an hour and a half up the mountain. We actually moved here last year on the same weekend of the Quilt Walk and I was so bummed we missed it because Judi from Green Fairy Quilts was doing the trunk show.  I sure wish I could have seen that!

So I was super excited this year to be able to attend on Saturday.  There is a tractor parade and car show for the kids which all but 1 were super excited about (the one was upset he would be missing Saturday morning cartoons) , and a Trunk Show and Quilt Show for mom.  Perfect combination for me to go to a quilting event but still be able to make it a family day.  And it had the double bonus of meeting up with my new friend Emily (check out here Happy Chemo Quilting Campaign, it is awesome)   that I met at the SLMQG who was teaching this year.  That was the plan.

 But, instead we woke up Saturday morning to one child running a fever and another one with a nasty cough. Grrr.    I contemplated options for a bit and in the end came to the conclusion to let it go another year.  Such is life right.  I mean the last thing you want to be doing is driving 2 sick kids (who are like their mother and prone to car sickness) up a windy mountain, that's is just looking for trouble :)   So instead of going to the Annual Panguitch Quilt Walk  the sick kids sat on the couch and watched movies while the others helped dad with some yard work.  But, (after some grumbling) I tried to look on the bright side and was grateful  that I happened to get this in the mail on Friday from Burgundy Buttons so at least I had something new to play with  to help me with my change of plans :)

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Double Dresden Delight - EZ Dresden Challenge

Welcome!!!  It's Day 7 of the EZ Dresden Challenge Blog Hop and I don't know about you, but there has been lots to inspire so far!!  I love this little ruler, it is just so easy to be so creative with it :)  So do you have some ideas percolating for your Challenge Entry??  There are some amazing prizes up for grabs!!  You can check out all of the entry and prize information here :)  

And now let's get to a little Dresden Inspiration via my little creation which I like to call Double Dresden Delight!!  I really love the look of a traditional Dresden so I wanted to create something that still maintained that traditional look but also spice it up a little bit.  This is what I came up with!!

Can you tell why I call it Double Dresden Delight??  You make the Dresden point on the inside as well as the outside. Don't they just look like beautiful spinning flowers :)

So, you want to make your own??  Here's how to do it . . .

Note - For a free Printable PDF pattern please go here :)

You will need 6 - 9 fat quarters.  (Or if you want a completely scrappy version you can do that as well.)  My Fat Quarters are mostly from Amanda Murphy's Veranda collection with a few additions from my stash.     You will also need 1 1/4 yards of a solid white or other neutral color and of course an EZ Dresden Ruler.

Start by cutting strips from the fat quarters.  Now you will notice that each of my "flowers" are different sizes.  That is because I cut each Dresden plate set a little different.  There is no set way of cutting these and your ruler does not have to be aligned along the top or the bottom.  Just make sure that all of the plates in each set (5, 10, or 20) are cut the same and I recommend not cutting any smaller than 1 1/2" and not doing a strip width smaller than 4" (it makes it hard to turn both ends otherwise).

Once you have your strip cut align your EZ Dresden ruler along the strip at whatever set measurements you decided on.  Cut along the side of the ruler.  Then just rotate the ruler to cut your next dresden plate. I cut 2 -3 dresden plates out of each fabric in each designated size.  (You need 20 dresden plates for a full circle, 10 for a half, and 5 for a quarter).

Now you are ready to start making your Double Dresden plates.  Fold each plate with right sides together and stitch a 1/4" seam along the widest edge.  (I found it best to only work on one plate at a time as it is easy to confuse the sizes and mix them up :)

Chain stitch all 5, 10, or 20 plates along the widest edge.  Now, don't bother to cut them.  Just flip them over and chain stitch a 1/4" seam along the thinnest edge as well.

Now clip the threads between both ends of all of your dresden plates.

Finger press both of the seams open.  If you desire, you can clip away a little of the excess fabric at the point to help it lay flat, but just be very cautions not to clip your seam.

Turn the wedge right side out so that the seams are now hidden on the inside.  You can use a sharp ended tool to help press out your points so they are nice and crisp.

No press your turned edges being careful to keep the seams nice and centered.  They may want to shift on you a bit.  Try to make sure the seams are lined up :)

And now that the plates are all sewn you are ready to start sewing them together.  You always want to sew your plates in groups of 5.  So lay out your first five dresden plates.

Sewing them together is easy.  Just lay the second plate onto the first plate with right sides together.  Be sure to line up your folded edges along the top and bottom.  Sew a 1/4" seam along the edge.  (You don't have to pin but you can if you like :)  Continue in this fashion adding the third plate onto the first and second, and then the fourth, and fifth :)

Now if you are making a Corner piece you are done.  If you want to do a side piece, just go ahead and sew 2 sets of 5 together in the same fashion to make a half circle.

And of course to make a whole, you just take 2 sets of 10 and sew them together.  When you make a complete circle you will often get bubbles.  Don't stress, those are adjustable.  Just unpick the seam where the bubble is being formed and make the adjustment needed.  Larger seam if there is a bubble, smaller seam if there is a pucker :)  Adjust as many seams as necessary to get it to lie nice and flat :)

Now make as many corners, half's, and full circles as you like for your quilt.  I went with the ruler of 3's and did 3 of each.  Press your Neutral fabric yardage so there are no creases in it and trim the selvages and square it up.  (Appx. 42" x 42")  Then go ahead and lay your dresden pieces out shifting them around until you get a layout that is pleasing to you.  (I played with mine for quite some time :)  Once you have them all in place you need to secure them.  Do this by either pinning the top and bottom of each plate (Yes, it is a lot of pins but worth it to keep everything nice and flat) or use Steam a Seam 2 Tape to secure the top and bottom of each plate.

Now you are ready to secure stitch your plates to your background yardage.  I like to do an 1/8" seam so I use the edge of my presser foot as a guide and move my needle over as far right as it will go.  Then just stitch along the edge of the plates.  Go all the way around the inside first, and then repeat going all the way around the outside.

And once you have secure stitched all of your dresden plates you are ready to finish the quilt up.  I used a water soluble pen and a 1" ruler to mark on my quilting design.  It took a little while but I love the look of it :)  After quilting, you are ready to bind.  I used the remaining pieces of my fat quarters to make a fun scrappy binding that matched the Dresden Plates :)

Now just sit back and enjoy your beautiful Double Dresden Delight!!

As you can see, this little one is sure enjoying it :)

And here is a close-up of the quilting.  I alternated the colors in stitching just to all a little pop :)  I am thrilled with how the quilting turned out and really think it ended up adding to the overall effect :)

So that's it :)  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it got your creative juices flowing for your own EZ Dresden ruler creation :)  Thank you so much for stopping by!! If you make your own version of the Double Dresden Delight I would love to see it.  You can add it to my  Inspired by Happy Quilting Flickr page.

And  be sure to check out all of the great Dresden Projects!!  So much inspiration, so little time :)
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 A huge thank you goes out to the wonderful sponsors of the EZ Dresden Challenge.  Without you this wouldn't be possible :)

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