Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Starstruck Quilt Along - Intro, Fabric Requirements, and Prizes!!!

So Exciting!!!  Today is the day!!!!  The Starstruck Quilt Along officially starts today!!!  Today's post is everything you need to know to Quilt-A-Long.   There will be a post every Wednesday starting September 18th, until October 23rd going over all the piecing, and then a  Parade and Grand Prizes on November 13th.  So lets go over how it's going to work!!


The Starstruck Quilt Along is my own quilt design and I hope you enjoy putting it together and maybe even learn some new techniques along the way.    Because of the Medallion Layout of this design, we are only doing one size of blocks, but you can choose how many "layers" you want to add to your Starstruck Medallion Quilt.   We will start in the center with the Wall Hanging piecing, and then add the Baby layer, followed by the Lap, and so on out to a King Size.   You can choose to piece whatever size you like, however, you will only be able to link up for the weekly assignments up to the size you are making.  But every size will will be eligible for the Grand Prize linky!!  And there will be a new assignment each week, so hopefully everyone will be able to keep up even with the crazy lives that we all lead.  (But if life does get crazy, and you fall behind, no worries!!!  The tutorials will always be on my blog so you can come catch up whenever it works for you!!!)      The schedule will be as follows

September 4th - Intro, Fabric Requirements, and Prizes Announcement (That's Today!!!)  
September 18th - Cutting
September 25th - Wall Hanging Piecing
October 2nd - Baby Piecing
October 9th - Lap Piecing
October 16th - Picnic Piecing
October 23rd - Queen/King Piecing
November 13th - Star Struck Parade and Grand Prize Winners

So count on checking back each Wednesday to see what the next assignment will be.  You will want to try to keep up as there will be prizes along the way!!   Be sure to take a picture of your finished assignments so that you can link it up for the weekly prizes :)  Oh, and if you are new to quilting, no worries, this will be super beginner friendly! I will go through each step in great detail in the Wednesday posts.


Okay, so we will all start in the same place, and how big your quilt gets is up to you :) 

We start in the center with the Wall Hanging Size that finishes at 28" x 28"
Than adding another layer gives you the Baby Size that finishes at 44" x 44"

Adding another layer gives you the Lap Size that finishes at 60" x 60"
And adding another layer gives you the Picnic Size that finishes at 80" x 80"


Then adding one more layer gives you the Queen size that finishes at 96" x 96"
And finally, adding one more layer (border) gives you the King size that finishes at 104" x 104"

As I said before, you can choose any size you like and all sizes will be eligible to enter in the Grand Prize Linky!!  But just remember, you will only be able to enter in the weekly prize linky's up the the size of quilt you are making.  And that's all fair as those that are piecing more will have a few more opportunities to win a weekly prize.  But everyone can win one of the big prizes!!!    

And with that, we are ready to talk fabrics!!!!


So for this quilt you will need "Print Fabric(s)" and a "Background Fabric".  Print Fabrics (which can be solids)  refer to the fabrics making up your Pieced Blocks.  And the Background Fabric (which can also be a print) refers to the fabric making up the background of the quilt (ie. the white above).     You will also need binding fabric and backing fabric so you are all ready to finish up your quilt.  (Because we area all about finishes, no wip's here :)  And I will be giving all of the fabric requirements in two layout options, Fat Quarter Friendly, or Two Color Quilt :)

So here is what you need:

Print Fabric Requirements

Using the chart below, find the size and layout option  you are choosing to make, for the Print Fabric Requirements.

And on a size note, you can always have as many Fat Quarters as you like, as the more Fat Quarters, the more variety you will have in your quilt.   If you have a Fat Quarter Bundle that you want to use that has more than 22 Fat Quarters, go for it!!!   The more the merrier.   But 18 is a close minimum and I wouldn't want to try and squeeze it out of less Fat Quarters :)  

Background, Binding, and Backing Fabric Requirements

The Background, Binding, and Backing Fabric Requirements are the same whether you are doing the Fat Quarter Friendly layout, or the Two Color Quilt layout.   Using the chart below, find the size and layout option  you are choosing to make, for the Background, Binding, and Backing Fabric Requirements.

And just a side note,  I will be showing everything with a white background fabric, but you don't have to use white, feel free to choose any color you like for the background and also, it doesn't have to be a solid :)  For the binding,  I like to use darker colors so they create a good stop for the eye.   And when it comes to the backing,  you can always used leftover bits of Fat Quarters to do a little pieced back, if you are feeling like you want to use every last scrap :)


The Fat Quarter Shop has graciously offered to sponsor the Quilt-Along Kits and I am so grateful to them for that!!!  The wonderful thing about the Starstruck Quilt Along is that the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your fabrics!!!   Just pick your favorite Fat Quarters or Yardage :)

 And since I really want you to be able to pick your favorites . . . the Kits will encompass all  Fat Quarter Bundles and all  Yardage at Fat Quarter Shop!!!!!   Just use the coupon code Happy2019 at checkout to save 10% off all regular priced Fat Quarter Bundles and Yardage Cuts!!!!  (Not valid with other offers.   Excludes sale items, pre-order and clubs.   One use per customer.  Offer expires September Aug 8th 2019, Midnight CST)  

And remember to also pick up your required background fabric, binding fabric, and backing fabric.    And of course, you don't have to get one of the "kits" below to participate in the QAL.  You are welcome to go "shopping" through your personal stash and find just the right bundle, the discount and kit ideas are just to help you get started if needed :)  


Now I know trying to choose fabrics can be a little overwhelming, so I mocked up some ideas just to get your creative jusices flowing.    Hopefully it will help you pick the bundle that is just right for you!!!    

So let's start with the Original Sample.  This is the bundle I will be using and it is Harper's Garden by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda.    And I was lucky enough to get an advanced bundle of this, as it is not quite in the shops yet.   But it does arrive in September, so it hopefully will be arriving any day, so if you want to use the same fabrics as me, just keep an eye out over the next week :) 

But even if Harper's Garden doesn't come in time, no worries.  There are endless bundles to choose from.   This Fairy Edith bundle has a very similar color palate, just much softer.  Isn't that just so sweet!!! 

And don't think you have to just use one fabric line, you can use a mixture of prints from lots of designers.   These Moda Mix Fat Quarter Bundles give you a wonderful variety of designers and style.  And it is always fun to mix things up!!!

And speaking of mixing things up, as I said before, even if you are using Fat Quarters, they don't have to be prints.  There are so many Solid Bundles to choose from that will all make a gorgeous quilt!!!  This Starstruck Medallion is done up in Corey Yoder's Solids and I just love the soft, rich goodness of this rainbow.   Isn't it just so pretty!!!


And if you want to keep the crisp look of solids, but want a little more texture, you can always use a Textured Basics Bundle!!  How great do these two textured bundles of Laundry Basket Favorites look!!!   Just perfect for some fall flare ;)  

 And speaking of fall, if you want to go a print fall version, that would be gorgeous too!!!  This is Stacy West's Buttermilk Autumn Bundle and boy does it just make you want to rake some leaves and then eat some pumpkin pie ;)   All the best of fall tied up in a stunning Starstruck Medallion!!  

But you know, Christmas is right around the corner as well :)  And how cute would Starstruck be in Christmas fabrics!!!  This Sweet Christmas by Urban Chicks and doesn't that just make you want to play in the snow and then curl up in front of a fire with some Hot Chocolate.  So fun!!!

And that Christmas print got me thinking that this could look super cool in a winter wonderland feel as well.   And Christopher Tate's Something Borrowed Bundle does just the trick.   It really gives you an idea of how you can do a play on the Two Color quilt, but still use lots of prints.   Just perfect!!!

And while we are on the subject of two color quilts. . . .Don't think I have forgotten about you all :)   Again, the possibilities are endless if you want to do a Two Color (two fabric) quilt!!!  

Of course, a Solid Two Color Quilt is always a stunner!!!  Just pick a Favorite Solid and a favorite color and you are ready to go!!! 

And just like before, if you want to add a little punch, you can always get a Textured Basic.    You all know that I absolutely love Grunge Fabrics, and I have made several Two Color Quilts in grunge and love the added touch it gives to a two color quilt.    And of course, my favorite color is purple so this is Grunge Winter White and Plum ;)

And you can always mix it up with a Print fabric.  Yup, you don't have to use solids or basics in a two color quilt, you can just pick a favorite print yardage, and it will turn into a favorite quilt.  I would just recommend if you do a print, to keep the scale towards the small and it is much easier if you don't pick a direction print ;)   This is the Little Snippets Fresh Cut and it gives you an idea of a good scale and non-directional ;)  

And this is just the beginning.   There are endless options and you can mix and match them as you like.   Just try to find the fabrics that speak to you and makes your heart smile!!!

And like I said at the beginning of this section, it can be overwhelming to choose ;)  So if you are thinking about a particular bundle and want to see it drafted up in a sketch like the ones above please don't hesitate to email me at and I can send you a sketch no problem ;)    I know how much it helps sometimes to get an idea of what it is going to look like before you start ;)   And remember, if you want to see the sketch in a different color background, just let me know that, because as you can see below, it really changes up the look of the quilt.  


I know that once you have your fabrics chosen, sometimes in a quilt like this, you want to get an idea of fabric placement before you start cutting.  So here is a coloring page of the Seeing Stars quilt.   Just save the image, print it, and then color it to your hearts content ;)


I am so very excited about the Prizes for this Quilt-A-Long!!  I don't know about you, but I know that I am highly more motivated to keep up and finish when there are prizes at stake ;)  So how about this for a little motivation.

All those that finish their quilt top will be eligible for the 3 Grand Prizes.  The Grand Prize's are sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop and huge Thank You goes out to  Kimberly for their generosity in these prizes.  Wan't to know what they are???

The three winners will each receive a $75.00 Gift Certificates to Fat Quarter Shop!!!!   Talk about some amazing fabric Goodness!!!!!!  How about that for fabric motivation!!


But . . . Sometimes it is hard to keep motivated when the end is so far away.  So for that . . . We have a little weekly motivation.  Every week you will be able to link up (You don't have to have a blog to link up, you can link to any social media image :) your completed assignment for a chance to win the weekly assignment prize.    These weekly Prizes will be sponsored by several of my Sponsors and will be so fun!!!



So there is going to be a lot of wonderful fabric to be won!!!  So keep up and sew on!!!


 Now down to the last of the nitty gritty.   If you are Quilting Along and have a blog, It would be wonderful if you added the button to your blog :)   It really helps to spread the word and the more that Quilt-Along the better!!!  If you have already added the button, thank you!!!

And if you use Facebook or Instagram and are posting your progress on your social media, be sure and use the Hashtag #starstruckquiltalong   Then we can all easily find and see each others work on facebook and instagram as well ;)

If you use Flickr,  I would love it if you joined the Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Flickr group and posted your pictures there as well.

And once you have your fabric, you can Link Below to enter this weeks Weekly Prize Giveaway!!!  Yup, you are entered to win a prize, just for collecting your fabric!!   (See the end of the post for details)   I can't wait to see what fabrics everyone will be using ;)


So that just about wraps it up!!! You have a two weeks to round up your fabric.  That should give you a cushion for it to arrive in the mail if you decide to order fabric online.  And then we will start with cutting, so if you want to get a little ahead, you can always press your fabircs so they are all set for cutting  September 18th.

Now I know that was a lot for one post, so if you have any questions at all regarding the Starstruck Quilt Along please do not hesitate to email me at or comment below.  I don't want anyone to not participate because they are confused by my rambling :)  And again, please feel free to make your quilt your own.   What ever you envision, you make it yours, all finished quilt tops will be eligible for prizes :)

Now . . .  Let's get Quilting-Along!!!


Got your fabrics???  Once you do, you are eligible for the Weekly Prize!!!  This week's prize  is being sponsored by Bear Creek Quilting Company and a huge thanks goes to them for their support of the Starstruck Quilt-Along.

This weeks prize is a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Bear Creek Quilting Company!!!  And that means one lucky participant who get's all their fabric in order will get a little bonus shopping spree ;)

So what do you have to do for a chance to win this Gift Certificate ?  Simple . . . Just link up your fabrics at the end of this post :)  You can link to a blog post, flickr picture, Instagram, Facebook . . .  or whatever.  Just make sure to link up by the end of the day on September 17th as I will be announcing a winner at the beginning of the post on September 18th :)

If you don't get your fabric by September 18th you can still link it up :) (just not in time for the prize :)    The linky will remain open until the end of the Quilt-A-Long.  So if your out of town, or just had busy few week or the mail was a little slow, its all good!!!  Just link up when you can :)

And Don't forget to add your beautiful fabric to #starstruckquiltalong on social media or at the  Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Flickr group.   I am so excited to see all of your beautiful fabrics  ;)

 Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

Starstruck Quilt Along Fabric Requirements Linky Party!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Day!!!

It's Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Day so let's have some fun :)

First, we need to announce the winner from last weeks Terrific Tuesday Giveaway :)

The winner of the  $25.00 Gift Certificate from Lou Lou's Fabric Shop is . . .  Number #182 . . .   Congrats B Lee!!!   I have emailed you :)   


And on to today's

Today's Terrific Tuesday Giveaway is being sponsored by Shabby Fabrics!!   Shabby Fabrics has an amazing selection of Fabrics and  so many cute BOM's and Clubs!!!  And don't forget, Shabby Fabrics  also has an amazing  Clearance Section, you are sure to find some amazing deals, and have also just added a whole bunch of Quilt Kits on sale as well!!  Super fun!!!   

And for the Terrific Tuesday Giveaway  Shabby Fabrics is giving one lucky winner a $30.00 Gift Certificate!!!!!   Now the winner can get just what they have been wishing for, and maybe a little something to help welcome Spring ;)

You have two entry chances, the second being optional, and please leave a separate comment for each.  All Entries are welcome, including International Entries.  Please just be sure to leave an email address if you are a no-reply blogger ;)  

ENTRY 1 - Simply leave a comment that tells me one thing you wish you knew more about??

 ENTRY 2 - Show your Shabby Fabrics love. You can follow them on FacebookTwitterYou TubePinterest, or Instagram.  You can Sign up for the Shabby Fabrics Newsletter (top right hand corner) or Follow their Blog,  or you can Visit the Shop and then share a favorite item ;)   Just be sure to leave a comment of how you showed your Shabby Fabric Love!!!

And that's it ;)  The giveaway will be open until next Tuesday, September 10th when I will announce a winner at the beginning of next weeks Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Post :)

Good Luck and Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Little Things BOM - Block 2!!

It's the first Monday in September (where did August go???)   and that means it's time for the second block  Happy Little Things Block of the Month!!!    This fun BOM is hosted by Jacquelynne Steves and you can still sign up as it will go from now until the end of the year ;)   And you can read all about Block 2 over at Jacquelynne's blog!!!    And so here they are . . . my Block 2's :)

As a reminder from last time, I am making two blocks each month instead of 1 as I plan to do a slightly different layout in the end. Which is so fun because then I get to play with more fabric combinations.  And I just love the yellow and navy of the star points in this one!!!  And I choose not to do any embroidery or applique in the center of the blocks, and rather fussy cut the centers :)

I am using Gretel Fabrics from my wonderful friend Amy Smart and they are just so cute in these blocks ;)     I especially love making those scrappy log cabin borders!!  Not only does it help use up all of the little scrap pieces, which I love, but it also is a super cute way to finish each block!! 

And there they are!!!  Two #2 Blocks for the Happy Little Things BOM!!!    And if you are quilting along be sure to share all of your Happy Little Things  progress on social media with #HappyLittleThingsBOM and #HappyLittleThingsQuilt  and add them to the Happy Little Things Facebook Group.   And be sure to check out  these other bloggers to see lots more Block 2 Eye Candy and enter for more chances to win the September Giveaway!!!

A Quilting Life                               Flamingo Toes 
Podunk Pretties                            Kathy's Quilts  
The Crafty Quilter                         The Quilting Nook  
                  Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life 

Yup, I said Giveaway!!!  With each month's block there will be a Happy Little Things Giveaway and you can enter at each blog as each blogger will be giving away a  Aurifil Prize Pack!!!  How great is that!!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - The winner is #122 . . . Wendy Zick . . . Congrats, I have emailed you!

To enter is simple.   We are going to run this the same way we do all of our Terrific Tuesday Giveaways :)   (Which is tomorrow so if you are visiting for the first time, be sure to come back for a chance to win some more!!!)      

You have two entry chances, the second being optional, and please leave a separate comment for each.  All Entries are welcome, including International Entries. (but international winners will recieve an alternate prize from Jacquelynne :)    Please just be sure to leave an email address if you are a no-reply blogger!!    Comments can be left by clicking on the # Comments link in Red at the bottom of this post :)

ENTRY 1 - Simply leave a comment that tells me if you have ever sewn with Aurifil thread before??

 ENTRY 2 - Show your Happy Quilting love. You can follow Happy Quilting on BloglovinEmail Updates, or RSS to get daily updates.  Or you can like Happy Quilting on InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter or Flickr  Any one way will do . . . Just be sure to leave a comment of how you showed your Happy Quilting Love!!!

And that's it ;)  The giveaway will be open until next Sunday, September 8th, when I will announce a winner and update it on this post :)

And if you are visiting Happy Quilting for the first time, welcome!!!   I hope you will look around for a bit as I have been writting here for 9 years and have so many fun quilt tutorials, project tutorials, quilt alongs, and patterns to share ;)  

Also, one last note.   Since we are speaking of sewing along with others, I wanted to let you all know that I have just announced the annual Happy Quilting Quilt Along and this year we will be making a medallion quilt!!!  It's called Starstruck and all the fun starts this Wednesday ;)    You can see a teaser post about it here, and if you want  to quilt along with me be sure to pop back over on Wednesday for all the fabric requirements, prize announcements, and essentially the basics on joining in this totally free and totally fun quilt along!!   

Good Luck and Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Goodbye Summer, Hello Free Fall Quilting Patterns!

Today on the blog,  I am super excited to be having my good friends at AccuQuilt guest posting with some wonderful fall project ideas that are all so fun, fast, and double bonus, free!!  So take it away AccuQuilt :)

Hey there, quilters! Today, the AccuQuilt team is taking over Melissa’s blog to bring you a few
of our favorite quilt patterns. You see, Melissa is one of our talented GO! Getters, which means
she frequently posts tutorials and tip posts over on our blog. We wanted to return the favor
and share some free, AccuQuilt-friendly designs perfect for the fast approaching fall season.
These patterns will have you ready to bust out your cozy sweaters, cocoa and rich, autumn

A Wreath For All Seasons

It wouldn’t be right to start a post honoring any season without featuring this Scrappy Fabric
Wreath tutorial. First of all, it’s versatile. You can easily adjust it to suit any time of year, and as
the name suggests, it busts scraps like nobody’s business. Melissa used the GO! Strip Cutter-
1½" (1" Finished) (55024) and her AccuQuilt GO! fabric cutter to quickly cut fabric scraps into
1½” x 6½” strips. She actually created three different wreaths for a couple different occasions,
but pay attention to how different each look depending on how you position you fabric ties?
The possibilities of this wreath are endless, so gather your favorite orange, reds, taupes and/or
golds for your own fall version!
Download the tutorial for this scrappy wreath here!

Applique that Doubles as a Centerpiece

One of the best parts of the GO! Qube 10” Fall Table Runner Pattern (PQ11585) is how quickly
the piecing for the 16” x 36” finished project goes together. While it might be simple by design,
the effects it has on a table is anything but boring. The customizable appliqué basket and
acorns add enough flair to mean no additional centerpiece is necessary – that means more
room for all the delicious food that is necessary!
Personalize this design with your own fabric stash using the FREE GO! Quilt pattern customizer.

Adorable Pillows that Make Spiders Look Good

Who knew spiders could be so cute? The Spooky Spider Pillow made these spooky yet inviting
throw pillows using the spider shape from the GO! Halloween Medley. A Bit of Scrap Stuff’s
Melanie Call, another AccuQuilt GO! Getter, combined the reverse applique technique with
hand stitching into one, quick project that’s perfect for someone just starting their sewing
Download the tutorial for these pillows here.

A Twirly Quilt You’ll Want to Curl Up Under

If you’re looking for a quilt pattern that will fit every season, this is the pattern for you. The rich
earthy tones keep the design neutral while the low volume fabric stars add balance to make
those colors pop. The GO! Twirling Star Quilt Pattern (PQ10294) is great for using up scraps in
your stash, too!
Use the preloaded designer fabrics in GO! Quilt to customize this pattern.

Delicious Banners for Halloween

This is another adorably versatile design from Melissa! She used the GO! Pennants die and
fabric strips to create a candy corn banner. She then used the GO! Halloween Medley to add
some spooky accents perfect for nearing October. Of course, this is just one way banners can
add seasonal personality to your home. Using the other shapes on the GO! Pennants die,
Melissa created Bomb Pop popsicles for the 4 th of July and brightly colored swallow tail for
Click here to learn how to make these for your own home here!

Did any of these patterns catch your eye? Let us know which ones you’re going to work on and
share the finished projects on  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t
forget to tag @AccuQuilt and @HappyQuiltingMC so we can see. Subscribe to the AccuQuilt
blog to keep up with Melissa and all other GO! Getters.

Thank you so much AccuQuilt for all of these incredible tutorials and patterns!!  I know I totally added a few more projects on my To Make list ;) 

And thank you for friends for popping in today!!  I hope you have some fall inspiration and take it into your Happy Quilting Weekend!!!
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Friday, August 30, 2019

August Sew Sampler!!

Wow, August has just been great!!!  The kids went back to school in the middle of the month and we are all enjoying a little return to routine.  We had a great summer, but everyone was ready for some school structure (especially mom!!)   And I can't believe it's already the end of the month, but that's okay because it means my Sew Sampler Box came in the mail!!!  This month's theme was Sparkle & Shine, and it is just so fun!!!!  (and FYI, there is still a waiting list for the Sew Sampler Box membership, but I hear it turns over fast ;)

So let's get into this box!!   Alright, you all know how I like to make rainbow quilts, so I was over the moon to find a Petite 10" Squares of Modern Classics by Violet Craft.  This has 20 different color basics in it.   Such a pretty rainbow!!!  I can't wait to sew with these and the exclusive diamond divide pattern is so cool.   I really wan't to whip it up, but I am telling myself I have to finish a few of those WIP first.   Truly, I have so many right now, it's a little crazy ;)  

And then of course, there are the notions!! I love this brand new Oh Sew Clean Brush and Cloth Set!!!      I have been trying to be better about cleaning out my machine every 10 bobbins, and these brushes will make it so much easier!!!   And I already put the brushes and my tweezers and machine screwdrivers in that adorable Mini Stash N Store and set it next to my machine.  Now I have a double reminder to clean it and everything is in handy reach!!!   So fun ;) 

And of course, we have another Goodness Grows block to go with August!!!  This month the block is called  Dig Deep  and this block is just about as cute as they come :)   How fun are those little flowers all in a row, just so perfect!!!      I am so loving this sampler!!!

And that is my August Sew Sampler box  :)  And boy did it Shine and Sparkle!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!
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