Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So, I have three new WIP and they are all post-Sewing Summit projects and they are all in the very earliest stages of being WIP.  Meaning I have ideas and that is about it.  The three projects include

 1 - Turning this tote bag into something fabulous.  I have a great idea, but the deadline for this isn't for a bit so it probably won't be tackled until closer to the deadline. (I work best under pressure :)

2 - The cute little stack of 4 fat quarters will be for my Post Sewing Summit mini quilt swap.  This is my first swap and I am so very excited to be participating!!!  I got these fat quarters during the shop hop so I figured it would be fun to use them for my partner to keep the Sewing Summit fell of things :)  I know the design I want to do I just need to sit down and figure dimensions :)

3 - Those cute little 3" squares needed to be turned into a 6 1/2" block to be sent to beebolt.  Everyone at the summit got some and they will be turning all of the blocks into a large quilt that will be revealed at next years Sewing Summit.  So cool!!!  I have no idea what I want to do with them.  Any suggestions???

And since between the projects I have promised and the ones that I am working on are getting a little to many for me to remember, I decided it was time to start keeping weekly stats.  Which is mostly for myself so I don't have things fall through the cracks :)

Designing Stage
  • Baby Quilt for Special new Niece arriving in March
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • 4th of July Table Runner for Sister-In-Law 
  • Christmas Table Runner for Sister
  • Sewing Summit Projects 1, 2, and 3
Piecing Stage
  • Stars Quilt-A-Long
  • Hugs and Kisses Quilt for Grandma
  • Going Places Quilt
  • High Flying Quilt
  • Secret Project B&C 
Quilting Stage
  • Secret Project A
And that is it for me.  Just a few projects to get working on :)  

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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Few More VIBee Blocks

I just keep getting more and more excited about this "Going Places" quilt for my little guy!! Here are some of the newest blocks.

This block was done by Meghan. This is so adorable and I love that she stitched his initials into the boat!! How cute!!!

Vibee blog for Melissa by meghanplessinger

And then there is another block done by Krista but I couldn't get it to link from flickr. So take a second and check out these two links. She even put a dog in the window of the Firetruck!! How cute is that!!!

Fire Truck Block

Detail of Fire Truck Block

Thanks again to the amazing ladies of the VIBee Group!! This quilt is going to turn out so fun for my little guy!!
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway Winner's!!!!

First off, Thank you to everyone who linked up to the first TNT Thursday!!! I am so excited for this new weekly feature and I hope you are as well. So start thinking about what you want to try this week. I can't wait to hear about it next Thursday :)

Onto the Winners of the Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway!!!  Once again, thank you so much to Kimberly and Crew for their continued support of Happy Quilting!!  And the lucky winners are . . .

Congrats to Happy Cottage Quilter and Stevens Family!!!
 Please email me (happyquiltingmelissa (at) gmail (dot) com)  your mailing address and I will see your 2 Ruby Charm packs get sent out :)  

And thank you to everyone who entered!!  Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introducing T.N.T. Thursday!!!!

Welcome to the Inaugural post of Trying New Things aka TNT Thrusday!!!  I am so excited!!!

So what is TNT Thursday??  We'll lets back up just a bit.  A few weeks ago I attended the Sewing Summit and the main thing I gleaned from it was to keep trying new things.  You know, push out of your comfort zone and find out what you can do.  I was so excited I decided to make a goal to really try and consitenly push myself to try new things in my little hobby world.  So with that goal in mind . . . I decided to make a weekly link up for extra motivation for me and to help motivate you all out there :)

And that is how TNT came to be!!  TNT stands for Trying New Things.  (I wasn't really digging this name but when I figured out that the initials were TNT I decided that I could get to like the name better because I absolutely loved TNT, it just sounds so intriguing. )  It will be here each and every Thursday (hopefully earlier in the future ) for you to link up your post on the New Try of that week :)

Now, let me stress, this doesn't have to be anything big and please don't feel like you can't post if it isn't quilt related.  I would love to get the entire hand sewing / crafty / quilting / crochet / embroidery / ect, ect. ect. industry represented here :)  So whatever it is that you tried new just link it up :)

My TNT Thursday!!!!

We'll this week I really had to stretch myself.  I tried expanding my quilting blogging skills by adding a Linky to this blog so that I can do TNT going forward.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard, it is pretty straight forward, but of course, I still struggled. (Hence the reason this post is up later than I would have liked ;)  However, I persevered and now we have a wonderful linky powered by Linked In with pictures and everything!!  Yippee Skippee!!!!

SO  . . . That's mine, (see I told you it didn't have to be anything big) now you can share yours.  What is one new thing you tried this week.  Blog about it and then link it up :) Oh, and like all great linky parties please remember the following two things.
     1 - Show some comment love to your fellow linkers.  We all like extra encouragment and a bit of praise for tackling new things.
     2 -  Link your post back to my blog somehow.  You can use the awesome button above that was created by my wonderful blog designer, Becca!!  (just FYI . . . She does free-lance work on the side if you are need of a little blog makeover and her prices are really great :)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying the Moments

So I wondered what to post about this morning. I haven't been at my sewing machine to much so I don't have anything to show today.  I mean, I still have a stack of WIP,  but no work on the WIP to show.  Mostly, because I have been enjoying the moments with this little one.  My how time flies.  She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.  So rather than blather on about nothing, I think I will just end here so I can go lay her down and watch her sleep peacefully :)

Oh, quick side note before I am off,  Remember the Trying New Things linky idea . . . Well, I will be back tomorrow with the announcement of TNT Thursdays :)  I am so excited!!  I think they are gonna be great :)
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