Thursday, May 29, 2014

Did You See This???

Last Friday, Fat Quarter Shop announced their 2014 Mega Quilt Market Sweepstakes!!  Did you see it??   It is Fat Quarter Shop’s biggest giveaway to date and may be the biggest online quilting-related
giveaway ever!!!!

The total value of this amazing giveaway retails at over $6,300 and is divided into twelve prize buckets. The
prizes range from fabric bundles and books to notions and many more quilting essentials. All of the prizes are shown in the Sweepstakes video on our YouTube channel, so be sure to watch!

So if you haven't entered yet, be sure to pop on over and fill out the survey to enter.  The sweepstakes closes on Monday June 30th at Midnight so be sure to visit before then, that is a month but you don't want to forget ;)

I am hoping to do a little piecing this morning :)  School finished last Friday and between Memorial Day Camping and kids home all day I haven't touched my machine in almost a week.  Ahhh!!!  I need to sew :)
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Motion

 Today I am excited to share one more quilt that I made for Spring Market.   I made this quilt for the fabulous Amy Ellis.  It is a baby size version of her In Motion pattern found in her awesome book Modern Neutrals and uses some of her fantastic fabrics from her first fabric line with Moda that is also called Modern Neutrals,  and can I just say I love this line!!!

The quilt was so much fun to make!!!   I really like  half square triangles and this quilt has quite a few of them, and they are little guys too, yippee :)  Amy was kind enough to send me the fabric precut with her Accuquilt Go.  This was my first time making HST's with triangles.   Always fun to try something new :)

I sent the quilt top back to Amy a few weeks before market and she finished quilting it and binding it ;)  I popped over to see her before Market started and got a quick shot of it all finished ;)  I just love this design, especially in these awesome fabrics!!!  (sorry, show floor lighting, not the best :)  

 And don't you just love these interlocking circles Amy quilted.  So cute!!!

I really had so much fun with this little quilt ;)  Thanks Amy for letting me play with your awesome fabrics :)

And now I am off to play with some new fabrics, once I decide which project I want to work on today :)  So many fabrics so few hours of the day :)

Have a Happy Quilting One :)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend and Winning

We spent the Memorial Day Long Weekend camping up the mountain at my husband's family property :)  It was so much fun!!!  The kids had a wonderful time playing with their cousins and I so enjoyed chatting away with all the ladies and enjoying the delicious camp food that my husband made ;) And after the snow (yes, it snowed on us the first day, crazy!!) the sun came out and  everything was so beautiful and peaceful.  It was so green and the trees are all starting to bloom, the mountain was just so perfect and a wonderful weekend away from all things at home :)  No phone, no internet, no tv, just the mountain and us.  Perfection :)

And of course, I forgot my camera, so the only picture of the mountain I have to show for the whole weekend is the mountain of laundry :)  Ahh, that campfire smell :)

Our little weekend giveaway made me a little late to announce this winner.  Sorry, I was so tired last night I just didn't have it in me.  So let's get to it now ;)

Thank you again to Angela and Discover Fabric for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!!!

And the winner for the Boy Crazy Yardage is . . .   #40

Congrats to Shauna!!!!!   I will email you shortly :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)  I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine ;)  I didn't miss the electronics much but I sure missed my machine ;)  Maybe the generator could run a small sewing machine, I will have to check with the dear husband on that one :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Quilting Tips and Tricks

**Note - If you are looking for the Discover Fabric Giveaway, you will find it here :)

I am so excited for today!!!  My wonderful Friend Amy, from Diary of a Quilter, has put together a super fun blog hop this week  of Quick Quilting Tips and Tricks.  What a fabulous resource!!

I started thinking of what tip I would like to post about.  Then on Monday, after posting my  new Mellow Yellow quilt, I started getting emails about how some of you would love to make this quilt but there was no way you could make flying geese like that. Oh yes, you can!!!  And you can with the No Waste Flying Geese Method.  This is one of my favorite piecing tricks I have learned I am super excited to share it with you.  I have posted my tutorial below so you won't have to link anywhere ;)

Okay, so how many of your get scared and run for the hills at the thought of flying geese??  They can be a little intimidating :)   This is a great method of making Flying Geese that have no waste. And you won't be sewing any triangles along the bias which helps to keep everything nice and straight.  It's simply sewing squares.  Let's get to it!!!


To start you need to cut your squares!!  Each set of squares cut (5 total) will make 4 flying geese.  From your first fabric (the goose or large triangle) you will cut a 1 square that is 1 1/4" larger than the finished width of your flying geese block.  From your second fabric (the sky or small triangles on the sides)  you will cut 4 squares that are 7/8" larger than your finished height of your flying geese block.  Just make sure that when you are picking your sizes your keep your geese proportional of twice the length as the width (ie 2 x 4, 2 1/2" x 5",  3 x 6, ect.

So in this example picture I am making 4 sets of flying geese (12 green geese and 4 red geese).  My finished  geese blocks will be 2" x 4".  By finished I mean the size they will be when sewn into a block.  When I am done making the individual geese block they will measure 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" and are considered unfinished.  (a little confusing some times :)  So I have cut (4) 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" squares (4" + 1 1/4")  and (16) 2 7/8" x 2 7/8"  (2" + 7/8") squares.  I will end up with 16 flying geese unfinished at 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" and when I sew them into a block they will be finished at 2" x 4"

Oh, and one last note before we start sewing, since you are almost always making this block as a flock (aka a lot of them) it is best to save time to do all of your cutting first and then be sure and repeat each of the sub-steps in an assembly line fashion rather than making 1 set of  geese at a time.  This is a great method for cranking out lots of geese doing some assembly line pinning and chain stitching ;)


With right sides together, lay two white squares onto your large print square as shown.  Using your ruler, draw a pen line diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.  And if you are making a whole flock, you can just mark all your small squares before you get started :)

Now  pin both sides of each square adjacent to that drawn line.  Make sure to put them out far enough that your presser foot won't hit them as you sew on by :) Stitch a 1/4" seam along both sides of the drawn line (the black lines represent your stitching lines :)  Remember, you are chain stitching so go ahead and stitch all the sets on the right hand side of the line first, and  clip your threads.  Then go back and do all the sets on the left hand side.

Now align your ruler along the drawn center line.  Cut  along that drawn line to make 2 pieces.

Press your seams up towards your 2 little triangles.

Now, take 2 more little squares and align them on your two stitched pieces as shown with right sides together.  Once again, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the little squares from corner to corner. (unless you have already drawn your lines ;)

Now pin each piece on either side of the drawn line far enough out that your foot will go by. Once again, stitch a 1/4" seam along either side of the drawn diagonal line.  (Remember to chain stitch to save time :)

Clip your threads and then using your ruler aligned along the drawn line, once again, cut your 2 separate pieces apart to make 4 pieces.

Press up toward the little triangles again.   Lastly, trim off the little corners or dog ears.

And you are done!!!  4 Perfectly precise flying geese blocks without throwing away any scraps and without sewing a single triangle.  Fabulous!!

I hope you enjoy this little trick for making flying geese and won't be intimated by them.  Flying Geese are a great building block to have in your designing tool box ;)  I hope to get lots of emails now saying that flying geese are not scarey and that you could surly make your own Mellow Yellow ;)   I plan on making a purple version soon for my sewing space wall.

Amy, our host, is the author of the brand new book, Fabulously Fast Quilts.  I was lucky enough to attend her school house at Market and see all of the amazing quilts and patterns from her book.  Each are made with a trick to make the piecing faster and they are fabulous.  For sure, a great one to check out!!!

Be sure to hop on over to Amy's Blog to see all of the other awesome Quick Quilting Tips and Tricks ;)  

Oh, and by the Way . . . If you are stopping by for the first time as part of the hop, Welcome!!    I am so glad you popped in and hope you will come back often.  I have so much sharing my passion for quilting here with lots of tutorials, giveaways, projects, fabric eye candy, and general happy quilting times.  

Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!

Linking up my Mellow Yellow finish to Amanda's, Sarah's, and Fort Worth Fabric Studio :)
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Market 2014

So It has been a week since I left for Spring Market!!  Oh my goodness, it was so very much fun!!!!   This week is also the last week of school and so as much as I wanted to do a lovely post showing your every minute of my amazing 3 days there, times is quickly slipping away.  So I started putting together a mosaic of pictures and quickly realized that it all could be summed up in 2 words.


And, even with all of those pictures, I still missed some.  I got to meet and catch up with so many bloggy friends and only remember to take pictures of a few.  It was so great to chat with you ladies!!!   Corey and I even got shushed in a schoolhouse we were whispering so much :)  I was sad when I was leaving because I never ran into Amanda Jean at market and I so wanted to meet her in person, and then who but who did I run into at the airport ;)  Yippee!!!

All around, an amazing Market!!!  And I thought I would finish off with my favorite moment of Market.   Barbara and I were standing in line to meet Leah Day and get a copy of her new book when we turned around to find Eleanor Burns standing behind us in line.  Incredible!!!  We were in line for about 25 minutes  and spent the time chatting with Eleanor and the other people around us like we had known each other for years!!   I tried to play it cool but totally geeked out a few times.  What an amazing memory!!!

It was a fantastic market!!!  My creativity cup is running over and I just want to sew!!!

Happy Quilting to you all :)
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