Friday, October 15, 2010

Anticipating Some Appliqué Fun!

I finished the top of my Project Modern Challenge today.  I took it outside to try and give you a good idea of the colors but unfortunately, it was pretty "lumpy".   Sorry, the squirrels burrowing holes is really doing numbers on our lawn.  Anyhow,  Can you see the "Press Your Luck" inspiration I mentioned in the previous post.  I love how it gives off the optical illusion that the blocks are "flickering".    

So now, it is time for some appliqué and I am so excited because I finally am going to have some play time with my birthday toy.  Oh ya, no more cutting out letters and shapes by hand, the Slice will do it for me and it will look perfect!  I can't wait to get cutting!!

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  1. Testing Comments. I love my Slice!!

  2. Now it is working. I am not sure why it didn't work earlier. Thank you.Now I can post what I wanted to say to you earlier. LOL!

    I LOVE it! It does look like the blocks are blinking. I lvoe that game show, it was so much fun to watch. My neices play that game on their dad's iPod. So funny.

  3. I overlooked you got a SLICE for your birthday. Yippee. Maybe sometime we'll do a SLICE quilt-a-long, blog hop, or some other fun activity for quilters with SLICE. I love SLICE!



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