Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monsters for Project Modern

If you are looking for the giveaway it is here :)

First off, Let me say thank you to all of you amazing people that have left me such sweet comments about my Braided Irish Chain quilt at the Moda Bake Shop.  They truly warm my heart.  I have tried to respond back to everyone and have enjoyed getting to know you a bit more.  (We'll everyone that has an email available ).

Okay, so you remember how I said I am making my Project Modern quilt with inspiration from the Press Your Luck game show?   (If not, check this out)   Well I was able to use my Slice to cut out the letter appliqué and then a cut a cute little bus, train, car, and airplane for the Whammies.  Unfortunately, there is no cutter template for Whammies, I know you are shocked.  So I talked to my dear sweet friend Bonnie who is also a great artist.  This is what she sent over this morning.  Aren't they just amazing!!  I can't wait to get them cut up in fabric and attached to the quilt top.  I am hoping to finish it up soon so stay tuned!!

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  1. Melissa, I just LOVE this idea! That is one of my all-time favorite game shows, and I am having SO MUCH FUN watching you make this quilt! I'm sure you are having such a blast with it too :-)

    I'm excited to see the next stages!

    ~ Meagan
    SnippetsAndYarns at gmail dot com

  2. oh my goodness. This is going to be one awesome quilt when it's done! I loved this game show when I was a kid. No Whammies! :-)

  3. I highly recommend coloring pages on the net to find 'objects' you need. I've used that in the past for quilting a lot. I'm thinking fire. lol. Didn't they used to 'burn' the wammies at one point when someone would lose? lol. oh ya, and a big hammer would come out and smash his head lol. too cute. i've got an idea~hold on a bit. i'll be back.

  4. ok, check out some of these links: you can just copy! lol:

  5. I had actually thought about copying but I thought the whammies looked a little "mangie" for the look I was going. I asked Bonnie to use them as inspiration but cute them up a bit. Fun huh!!


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