Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilting Struggles but I Finished!

Okay, so I have never had so many troubles quilting a quilt.  I don't know what the deal was.  My thread just get breaking, constantly!!  It drove me nuts and so I decided to work on the quilt with the swirls, and that worked perfect.  So I thought, maybe my adjusting the tension had helped and started back on this again and AGGGHHH!  The thread started breaking again.  I just didn't get it.  But I perceived.  In the end, I decided that it must have just been a bad spool of thread.  Does that happen??  Has anyone else had this.  It was frustrating to no end.

But I kept plugging away, rethreading like crazy and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And then wham, it was done.  My Chubby Stars in Fall.  Thanks again Tracey for this amazing quilt-a-long.  This pattern was amazing.  So inventive and I just love the little 1" squares.

So here are some pictures with some of my thoughts about this quilt.

I love the scrappy binding!  Can you believe those chain squares are only 1 inch.   They are so cute and petite.

I pieced the back as well.  Don't you just love the way the leaves pop out in circles on the back.  That was an added bonus that I didn't plan but was really happy with.

I love the way the leaves turned out.  I am not so happy with the way the points of the stars turned out.  It looks like it would be so easy to just draw and arched triangle in a triangle but it was a little harder than I thought, it didn't help that my thread broke at least 3 times per blocks.  Ah well, at least the washing and drying helped to hide it a bit.

I really wanted the chain to kind of stand out so I decided to try pebbling on just the brown hoping that would create the desired effect.  It did, and I have to say, I love the look of it.  However, I haven't decided if I really like pebbling.   I think I will try again sometime when I am not having thread issues and then make a final decision if I like doing it or not.  But the fact that I love the look will probably have some sway on my decision :)
And here it is ready to go.  I have placed this in my Etsy shop.  All in all, I am pretty excited about the way this quilt turned out.

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  1. I love it! It's nice to see how it looks complete.

  2. I love the quilting. You're right, the pebbles really make the little squares pop!

  3. HI Melissa..folded looks good too...your blog is amazing..4 wee kids...get out of here..and you have time to hero. wink.
    blessings msamm

  4. The quilt looks great - I do think there are some "bad" spools of thread. I had the same problem recently and changed the spool and it didn't happen again. Unfortunately, I didn't toss the bad one away so I'm sure in a few months I'll try to use it again and the same thing will happen!


  5. Sweet blog and beautiful quilts. I've only just started out and feel very over whelmed looking at all these amazing things!

  6. looks great!

    The pebbles are perfect.

    I had major tension problems with my last free motion... it is infuriating! The breaking, and then it was doing loops. grrrr...

    Beautiful quilt! Thanks for playing along!


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