Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Project - Check

Ya, I am finally starting some of my Christmas Project quilting.  I really scaled back this year as far as holiday sewing. I only have 3 "smallish" projects and now I can check one off.  I can also show you the project now because it is for my amazing Sister-in-law who is coming for Thanksgiving.  They are coming today!! (hence the need to finish the project :)  And since it is no fun to open Christmas decor on Christmas day, I am going to let her have this part of her present early so she can enjoy it throughout the whole Christmas Season :)

I won this adorable wall hanging in a giveaway back in the summer and was so excited.  I knew who it was for immediately, and then procrastinated 5 months to make it :)  Isn't it just so sweet!!

I debated back and forth between the idea of outlining the pictures or quilting the backgrounds.  In the end I decided on quilting the backgrounds.  I hoped that this would really make the sweet pictures and words stand out and oh do they ever!  They just pop!  I quilted a little (and I mean little) swirl.  I am so excited for how it turned out.  Don't you just love when the idea in your head turns out the same when you put it on the fabric!

Here it is all ready to go :)  I still need a little work on my bows, that didn't turn out quite the way I had planned in my head.  But after tying and retying, I decided this was good enough to go :)

Oh and don't you hate it when this happens!!  I did it not once but twice, on two different corners!!  Enter the seam ripper!  The second one was almost disastrous as I was just about out of the green thread.  I ended up with about 10 inches left.  That is cutting it a little to close :)

And last but not least, I can also check off my One Thing One Week Challenge.  Ya, I made a goal that had to be attained by Tuesday so that I know I would get it done.  Thanks again Amy for always giving us the extra push to get those stitching goals done!

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  1. It just occurred to me that within a few years, all the homes in our family will have your quilted creations on our wall (I already do, on two walls, THANKS!).

    I'm sure they'll go very well with Krista's stitches.

    What a happy thought!

    (Have I mentioned lately how I love the "life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" quilted hanging that you gave me several years ago? I look at it all the time. Lately Heather's started pointing to it and yelling out the individual colors of the pieces. Thank you!)

  2. Oh my - what a great quilt! Such wonderful colors. And I love the small swirl - it really made it perfect. blessings, marlene

  3. I've done that before...more than once. Many times, I just cut the fabric really close to the stitching, then use a tweezers to pick out the fabric fibers that are left behind, then I don't have to rip out the quilting.

  4. very nice ! I did that on one of my table runners , but luckily I was straight line quilting ! it turned out lovely ! and how nice your family has creations by you !

  5. beautiful! congrats on meeting your goal, and with wow, 10 inches of thread left, you must have been sweating bullets!! But i have done that before, as usual its me not paying attention to both sides of my work!! thanks for sharing your store, seam ripper and all!!

  6. You did a beautiful job...love the quilting!

  7. I looked at a bigger picture of your wall hanging and those swirls just were perfect. Love it!

  8. I almost thought you added batting under the figures, your quilting does a great job of making them pop! Beautiful finish - I hope it is cherished :)

  9. That really was a great way to use the pannel. The finished effect is lovely.

  10. I've done that. Right as I'm in my groove it happens. The wall quilt is adorable! You were lucky to win this because I can't find it anywhere anymore.

  11. I am loving this! Way to go in finishing your goal.

  12. Beautiful wall-hanging and quilting! I have done that several times too!

  13. Some lovely stuff here - I really enjoyed browsing! I saw your comment about tying bows, have you tried bunny rabbit ears! (google bunny rabbit ear shoe laces). Really difficult to explain, but simple to do, and unlike the 'traditional' method, both loops and the centre are the right was out, so the (awesome) double ribbon would show.

    Email me if you don't get on with the google search explanations and I'll take some photos for you.



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