Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

The last few days have been filled with lots of time with the kiddos as they are out of school.  We have played numberless games of Uno and watched lots of family movies with popcorn and hot chocolate.  I finished wrapping gifts the other night so we are all ready now.    I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning :)  I can't wait to see their little faces light up with the wonder of the season!

Wishing each one of  you a very Merry Christmas filled with love and happiness!! 

And since I wouldn't want to leave without a picture, and since I forgot to post this at the last holiday, I will post it now.  This was my Black Friday purchase.  I figured at 50 % off and then another 20% off that, I might as well just buy the roll.  Saved me time standing around at the cutting table :)

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  1. I got 2 of those! Recommendation if you have room, put it on it's side as standing it on end will make the batt start to slide down and crunch the end - you will get lots of wrinkles that will be hard to get out. Enjoy those little ones, they grow too fast.

  2. What a great deal that was! I'm going to be looking for one just like it myself after Christmas - maybe they'll do it again. blessings, marlene

  3. Enjoy your little ones while they are little - mine are 14 now and it is so much harder to surprise them for Christmas now - merry Christmas.

  4. I store my batting roll on its side on top of a guest bed that's pushed up against a wall. I cover the batting roll with a fitted sheet (makes it so easy to keep the roll covered and free of dust/dog hair). It looks like the world's biggest bolster pillow, and I can measure and cut the batting right there. It was a great fix to a "now where on earth am I going to keep this?" problem.


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