Sunday, December 5, 2010

Off The Virtual Map :)

So we spent the weekend in downtown Indianapolis while my husband attended a conference.  When we got to the hotel we found out that there was no internet in the rooms (well I guess there was if you were willing to pay for it, however, we were not willing to pay for it).    So I found myself  for 3 whole days without the internet (minus two 20 minute intervals when my husband stayed in the room with the kids and I ran down to the lobby and answered emails as fast as my fingers could type.) It is amazing how out of touch you feel after only 3 days!!!  

So what do you do for 3 days in a hotel room from 8 -5 with no internet and 4 small children???  You sew, sew, sew!!!  This was my set-up

And this was the kids set-up.  When you don't have cable at home, all day cartoons in your pj's is like a little piece of heaven.

And yes, we did see more of Indianapolis then just the inside of the hotel room.  Each night when dad got down we went out and had a great time.  It really is a fun city!!

So now I feel a little more update . . . See ya tomorrow :)
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  1. Goodness me Melissa...4 little ones, and 8 hrs in one room...all I can say is WOW!. Now I should not be sew awed...I had 6 kids but that was sew many decades ago and I think time has dulled my senses...I don't recall having enough time to
    Sew you WIN, my admiration....
    blessings to all of your brew...tell them I said, to give you extra luv today ...

  2. I have done that, too--bring a sewing machine with me, and sew in my hotel room. In fact, I almost always take a sewing machine with me when I travel. Like you, we do "touristy" things, too, but in the hotel room, I SEW!

  3. You remind me of me. Whenever we drove to a conference I would take my sewing machine and sew to my heart's content. I made a lot of the kids clothes and christmas pjs on those trips. This was before the days of computers and toward the last of the trips I took our 7 in DVD player and set it up right next to my machine so I could watch movies while I sewed. I always felt sorry for the maid, because it would be so hard to clean up with all the fabric, thread and sewing mess I would have all around. I don't think I ever added kids to the mix though! That's impressive! Or crazy!

  4. I can't believe you got sewing done in a hotel room with four small children! I have brought hand-sewing projects along, but never a sewing machine - maybe if we trade in our car for a minivan one day!

  5. That would have been my idea of heaven when my children were small. :) blessings, marlene

  6. I have sewed in a motel room but not with children. Your little ones look like they are having a great time!

  7. Just popped over from Stash Manicure. Enjoyed your post on the scrappy balls. I am now your newest follower. =)


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