Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Parade!!!

First off, if you are looking for the giveaway it is here.

It's here!!!  The Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Parade!!!  I want to start by thanking all those that quilted a long with me.  I can't believe how many we ended up with.  It was so fun to get to know you all through this little quilting trip.  Some of your have been sewing for years and some of you this was your first quilt-a-long, and some even their first quilt!!!  I just had so much fun doing this quilt-a-long!!! THANK YOU to all of you that participated and made it so very enjoyable!!!

I love all the different prints.  Isn't it just amazing how different a quilt can look when done in different fabrics.  Each top is individual to its owner and they all look amazing!!!  Congrats to all!!!   These are the finished tops but there are many more in various stages of completion.  (no, worries, we can always have another parade in the future for those :)   So, let get to the parade!! 

Amy's from Vermont

Christine from New York

jbird05001 from Flickr

 Karen Riddell 

 Karen Vail from NW Washington State

 Kelly Chilmark from Orange, Massachusetts

 Linda from Greeley, Colorado

 Lindsay Dunn from Ivins, Utah

 Marta Antoine from Florida

Sandy Rowe 

Sarah Johnson  from Texas

 Shannon from Idaho

 Sharon Vrooman from New York

Staci in Arizona

Wasn't that fun!!!  I just love everyone's finish!!!  Once again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for quilting-a-long with me!!  We will have to do it again in the future :)

And now for the moment these ladies have been waiting for . . . The winner of the Burgundy Buttons Gift Certificate.  Your top had to be completed to be eligible to win these ladies above are in the running.  I put all of your names in a hat and my daughter drew one out.

And the winner is . . . .  Sarah Johnson from Texas!!!  Congrats Sarah !!!

And one final Thank You to all those that have been quilting-a-long with me.  It has been so much fun!!  And if you aren't finished keep those machines a running.  We will have another parade some time down the line :)

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  1. I love that they all look so different because of the fabrics. Actually, looks like there are a couple using the same line, but still look different. Congrats, everyone!

  2. Yay for Sarah!
    Thanks again for doing this quilt along for us!
    And thanks for the virtual quilt show!

  3. Yea!! All of those quilt look amazing! I am so glad that I was able to join in and quilt a long with you too! It was a lot of fun! Thank you for hosting it!!

    Congratulations Sarah! I LOVE your quilt!!

  4. Beautiful quilts. Congratulations ladies!

  5. Nice Quilt Parade !
    And Beautiful Quilts!
    Congrats to Sarah :)

  6. Great parade - love seeing everyone's color choices!

  7. Wow! Amazing! I will definitely have to make one of these soon. Great job everyone.

  8. They are all beautiful - congrats on getting them finished

  9. All of those quilts are just awesome!!

  10. Thank you Melissa for being a great hostess! I enjoyed learning a new pattern. Thanks to all the other great quilt makers who participated.

  11. They all turned out so beautiful! I think it's neat that it's the same pattern, but with all the different sizes and fabrics, they are each unique. Love them all! One of these days I'm going to make this one - just don't have the time right now. Sigh.

  12. What great quilts. I love all of the. I IS cool to see the same quilt in so many different ways! Thank you again Melissa for having this quilt along. Congrats to the winner!!

  13. It's lovely to see them all lined up!

  14. They all look so good! Great job everyone! Congratulations Sarah!

    Mine should be done today. I had a minor emergency yesterday but I'm down to two rows left to sew. Yay!

  15. What a great quilt show! Congratulations to everyone and to Sarah. Thank you Melissa for such a fun quilt-along. Oh, another quilt parade would be spectacular - everyone works at a different pace and would love to see them.


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