Monday, March 21, 2011

What Did I do for National Quilting Day??

We'll the list is long . . but we will just skip to the evening when I had checked off all the To Do's on the list and was able to move to the Want To Do's list.  And it of course had Quilting right on the top!!!

So I started quilting up my newest Bake Shop Quilt.  (Not to be revealed until April, Sorry).  It's a twin size so I started quilting and just kept going and going.  I too an occasional break to check the scores of the games (I do love me some March Madness) but by the end of the night (late night :) I was done!!   I had so much fun doing some more swirls.  They are just a hoot!!  I also tried out a new little loop that I loved.  I will so be doing it again!!  And yes, of course I will show some sneaky peaks, but just little sneaky peaks :)

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  1. That is just beautiful! Are you doing free motion quilting? I'm too scared to try that, and I don't have a long arm, so I hand quilt everything!
    Jacque in SC

  2. Cute, cute, cute!! I want to try swirls. I think I will. Today.

    Way cute! Can't wait to see it!

  3. I love the quilting! It's beautiful! I just started FMQ and I would love to try those swirls.

  4. Love that you did stuff for National Quilting Day! I tried to move my fabric bins into sewing space (walk in closet) in our new condo and I ended up breaking my toe. So, um, yeah, no sewing done ;)

  5. Snoodles, This is free motion quilting on my little bernina. I wish I had a long arm, maybe some day :) Hand quilting and I don't really get along. I started the free motion quilting about a year ago and just love it. It is super addicting and really, a lot easier than it looks.

  6. Oooh can't wait to see more of this quilt. Lookin' good so far.

  7. I love your swirls and loops - I've got to try those! blessings, marlene


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