Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

So the past 3 weeks have flown by!!!  And I have to say, I LOVE IT!!!!  We have spent more time with family in the last 3 weeks than we probably have in the last 3 years.  (possibly an exaggeration but you get the idea. :)  We pretty much get to the house in time to climb into bed and start all over the next day.  We have had a baptism, a blessing, a holiday, and today we have a birthday and tomorrow a Reunion. Yippee Skippee for living close to family again and not having to miss out!!!

Because of this, it also means I have had a 3 week sewing break.  Which I have to say, feels really weird.  (But it is okay, family first :)  But, starting Monday, things will begin to slow down and I am hoping to get to spend some time sewing in my new sewing room and not just painting it :)

Which is good because . . . I am behind on my VIBee Block.  (Sorry Meagan).  I am going to be turning these . . .

into this, I hope :)
And starting something special for my Grandmother with this.

And whipping up these adorable little books for another special someone.

So here is to sewing time starting on Monday the 11th!!!!

And . . . . That is not all that is happening on the 11th.  July 11th just happens to be Happy Quilting's 1 Year Blog Anniversary!!!  Can you believe it, I know I certainly don't believe it has been a year.  So check back Monday because there is some major celebrating to do!!!!  (hint, hint, giveaway time :)
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  1. Congrats on getting to your 1 year blog anniversary! I can't wait to see your completed US Army Airborne project when it is finished :)

  2. Are you making the Army Airborne wings? REALLY!! I can't wait to see if that is what you are making. I have dreamt of making the Navy Aircrew wings into a quilt for my DH.. and now for my DS.. who just joined the Navy.. and is following in dad's footsteps.. it is just really detailed like the Army Airborne wings.. and I don't know even where to begin.

  3. I can't wait to see the Airborne wings!! COOL! Glad you are having fun with family!!

  4. I have been taking a break from sewing for allergic reasons and, yes! it does feel weird. Can't wait for Monday ;) Congrats on your blog anniversary!

  5. Congrates on the blog anniversary! Its great to hear that you enjoy your family time so much. Looking forward to see your up coming projects.


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