Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas In July!!!

I just love Christmas!!!!  So you can imagine my excitement to the announcement of the Moda Bake Shop's Christmas In July month!!!  Yippee Skippee!!!  All month long there will be tutorials loaded with Christmas goodness.  And yes, there will be one from me later this month (I finished it almost 2 months ago and it has been killing me to keep it on the down and low for so long :)  So check it out all month!!  I busted out a few Christmas CD's in celebration :)

And it wouldn't be a proper teaser without a picture.  So here is a little peak from my Christmas in July project coming out on the 19th :)

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  1. How exciting... I love Christmas projects! The material being released for Christmas is just fabulous. I hope to get as many patterns as I can afford. Your work in progress looks darling!! Can't wait to see the whole project finished. :)

  2. OOOOOOOOh, cute! I can't wait to see it!!

  3. How wonderful.I love christmas projects and I`m working in a XQAL.

    I`ll looking forward to get some patterns.

    Your new project looks beautiful!!

  4. Oh, you are such a tease!! But...thanks for the peek!


  5. Oooh that looks like it is going to be a very cute and festive project. Did you use the Fabrique slice to make the applique?

  6. Oh what fun! Can't wait to see your project!!! :)


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