Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's not a Celebration without a Parade!!!

I love tutorials!!!  I mean who doesn't love a step by step guide to create something fabulous.  It is almost as good as sitting through a class :)  Since I started this blog a year ago I have made 13 tutorials, and 1 Quilt-A-Long Tutorial.  That pretty much blew me away.  I had no idea I had done so many.  Just in case you are wondering . . .You can find them under the Quilt Tutorials and Other Tutorials tabs at the top of my blog :)

Making tutorials is so much fun!!  I love making the projects!!!  I love "arranging" fabrics a certain way to make sure I get a great layout for a picture.  I love sewing it together and thinking the whole time of how I will word things!!!   I would say I love the actual writing and editing pictures for tutorials, but that process is the not so fun part, at least for me.  I would say I  "like" writing the tutorials :)  I love having tutorials available for people to make.  And most of all, I love, love love when others use my tutorials to make their own beautiful creations!!!

And so I thought today, it would be fun . . . As part of Happy Quilting's 1 Year Blogiversary Celebration, to have a little parade of some of those creations.  Here are some of the amazing project's made using tutorials put together by me.  (Hint - These are the ones posted in my Flickr Page . . . If you have made a project using one of my tutorials please feel free to email me a picture or add it to my Flickr Page, I would love to highlight your work as well :)

This version of Sugar Pop N Change was posted by Lisa and made as part of  a Do Good Stitches Bee.  What a great idea and how fun to see everyone's different fabrics come together :)

Another version of Sugar Pop N Change posted by Hannah.  I just love the yellow background!!!

Janet from CA emailed me this picture of her completed version of Sugar Pop N Change just a few days ago.  I love how it pops!!!

Linda emailed me this picture of her version of Nature's Gems made with old shirts.  What a treasured memory quilt :)

T. Anne posted her version of Hugs and Kisses from the Park.  It blows me away how even with the same fabric a quilt can look so different because of different quilting.  So fun!!

Color Me Quilty posted this beautiful version of Sugar Pop N Change.  I love how she substituted 2 coins for the dragonfly print.   What an amazing effect!!

colimachia's version of Snuggly Squares.  She made it larger to be a lap quilt instead of a baby size and I just love it.  The colors are so beautiful together!!

A version of Snuggly Squares II posted by skippitydodahquilts.  She made this a week before donating it to her church for their annual auction.  I bet they were tickled pink to have such a fabulous quilt :)

Another version of Sugar Pop N Change made and posted by msshilts  I love those 30's reprints.  They are just so adorable :)

This black and white king size version of Sugar Pop N Change was posted by kazwee75 and was her first quilt top.  I am blown away that she bit off a king to start with.  Amazing, it is absolutely stunning!!!

This version of Braided Irish Chain was posted by sewandtellquilts and is a memorial quilt made using their Grandpa's old plaid shirts and jammy pants.  This will surly be a treasure for years to come :)

And one more version of Snuggly Squares posted by theycallmewanda.  I love how bright and fun this quilt is.  It just makes me want to do a little happy dance :)

And that ends out parade for today!!!  Thank you to those that have posted their finished products on my Flickr Tutorial page so we can all enjoy your amazing eye candy!!!  I look forward to next year where we can see a whole new parade of amazing projects.  And of course, there will be many new patterns as I plan to keep on making tutorials for you all to enjoy :)

Oh, and just in case you might have missed Happy Quilting's earlier Celebration Giveaways you can find them here and here. And come back tomorrow for the final Celebration Giveaway.  I am so excited for it :)
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  1. I actually just saw the Snuggly quilt the other day! Someone had brought it with her daughter to a restaurant. I was so happy to see for myself that it had gone to a good home, and that it was being loved :).

    Thanks for posting my picture!

  2. Thanks for choosing my photo for your parade!

  3. Love all the pictures, each quilt is gorgeous. That king size is stunning too!

  4. That was fun ... I feel famous! I can't wait to get that one quilted!

  5. A very happy parade - so much beautiful work!

  6. I, too, enjoy writing tutorials. Great 'parade' thanks!

  7. I made a king sized sugar pop and change quilt for my dad - love your pattern :)

  8. Love the quilt parade. They are all son pretty and clever. I should really get off here and go back to sewing, so I can have some lovely finished quilts of my own to admire!

  9. I love your quilt tutorials. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try one out yet, but it's on the top of my list. I definitely want to make a Sugar Pop N Change quilt. So cute. And the parade was amazing. Such diversity and creativity. Great job everyone.

  10. Great parade and beautiful quilts! Wonderful tutorials.

  11. Thank you for featuring my black and white quilt. Your tutorial was really easy to follow which made the whole process so enjoyable!
    Kazwee75 :o)

  12. All of those quilts look gorgeous. Your followers did a good job.


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