Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 Quilts for Kids!!!

Today is the second link up for the 100 Quilts for kids.  I have been wanting to participate in this wonderful charity function since I first heard about it.  I figured I had the two strip quilts completed over a year ago and the blocks of the last quilt done earlier this year (poor abandoned projects) that would work perfect for "Kid Quilts", as they are so bright and cheery.  I figured with having a good portion of the work done and only needing to assemble the one quilt and then quilt and bind them all that I would finish in plenty of time.    

But of course, as life gets busy,  I was still adding the bindings on in the Sewing Room at the Sewing Summit in between classes.  (Which is why the pictures are horrible, as I took them on the hotel floor).   But now worries, they got done and delivered to Kate.  (And I have to say, handing them over in person had the huge added bonus to get to meet Kate, she is every bit as wonderful as you would expect from reading her blog, so sweet!!!!)   Yippee Skippee for Quilting for Kids!!  Isn't it just amazing how you do these types of things to bless others but you feel so great afterwards that you are practically blessing yourself at the same time!!  I just love that feeling :)

So here they are :)  A cute stripped boy quilt.  I just love all of the bright colors and the cute patterns :)  It is totally all boy!!!

I quilted some stars and loops on the large stripes, meandering on the medium stripes, and loopies on the small stripes.  I had so much fun quilting these!!!  (even though I was going so fast last minute that I did turn my backing under and didn't realize it until I was attaching the binding,  oops :)

And this is the girl version of the stripes.  My daughter just loves this quilt so I am hoping it will make another little girl equally happy.

And a huge accomplishment for me, I finally got over my fear of feathers and gave them a whirl.  I think they turned out pretty decent for my first attempt :)

And last, but not least, my abandoned Block-A-Palooza blocks.  I love the way this turned out, which is funny, because I was not digging the individual blocks.  It is just so fun and bright and I love the stripey border print I found to go with it.  It just ties it all in so well :)

And here it is all together :)  And if this makes you feel all warm and maybe you get the sudden urge to go donate some quilts you have finished for children in your community, then wonderful!!!  You have 2 more days to link up :)

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  1. Such fun quilts! I'm sure they will make some kids very happy =)

  2. Very nice! So cool you got to hand them over to Kate in person too!

  3. They are beautiful , you will certainly make some child smile !

  4. Thanks, Melissa!!! You were really kind, and we were really loving your quilting. Feathers? Rock star! Do you want to link them up individually? There is a short note on my post that tells you how. More opportunities to win :)

    and Twisted Sister--you can donate them to any local group you would like. Or you can send them to Project Linus, Margaret's Hope Chest, Texas Wildfire, etc.

  5. These are great - so colourful! I'm sure they'll make some kids very happy. And all this with 5 kids (and a newborn!!). You put the rest of us to shame :)

  6. Love what you did with your blocks from the abandoned project. Super cute!

  7. Wow, your quilts look great, and what a great cause. Thanks for linking up to Stash Project of the Month too!


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