Thursday, October 27, 2011

TNT Thursday goes Baking!!!

We'll it's the second week of TNT Thursday and it's going Baking.  Ya, so basically, this MBS post was scheduled long before TNT was born so they are sharing the spotlight today.  But . . . it is a lovely way for me to introduce a feature that I was toying around adding to TNT.

So I was thinking . . . Wouldn't it be fun to have guest bloggers that show you a great tutorial for some cool technique, or pattern, or whatever that you wanted to learn??? It hit me the other day that I can't think of a better way to encourage people to try new things than to have tutorials for new things.  I mean, step by step instructions has trying to figure it out on your own beat hands down!!!   But . . . I do need a little feedback.  First . . .  What do you want to see tutorials for and   Second . . .  Is anyone out there interested in being a guest blogger???  (Cause it would get a little dull if I did the tutorial every time :)

So since the stars aligned and these two features collided on the same date . . .  I give you the first Tutorial Feature of TNT Thursdays!!!   I call it "All Framed Up" and you can find the step-by-step tutorial to make  it over at the Moda Bake Shop!!!!

This baby quilt is super easy to make and honestly, I just can't get over how adorable it is!!!  I made it for the newest addition to our family, Baby Jocelyn!!  And isn't she just the cutest little model!!

And as always, the amazing Leah over at Burgundy Buttons has made an equally adorable All Framed Up Quilt Kit available for purchase at a fabulous price.

So Yippee Skippee for Tutorials on TNT Thursdays!!!!  (Wow, that is a lot of T's)

Oh, and don't worry, I still have a TNT for this week.  This post actually shows it.  I attempted to use some of the instruction that Vanessa Christensen gave us at the Sewing Summit on how to edit pictures.  I actually did more than hit the "auto correct" button.  I played with the brightness and contrast editing buttons!!!  Now I will admit, it was a little scary, and I also still have a long way to go.  (I mean, Jocelyn is not normally that pink :) However, I do think they look better than when I started.  The colors pop more and the overall pictures is just a lot more crisp, although the lawn does look a little like astro-turf :)

So that is what I tried this week . . . What did you try??? 
 I can't wait to see!!!  So write up your post and link it on up!!!  Oh, And please remember our 2 little ways to play nice with the linky.  1 - Please link back here with either words or the TNT button and 2 - Please give your fellow "linkers" some comment love :)

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  1. Your photos look great - and the quilt is stunning. So is the baby =)

  2. Love your new quilt AND of course your new cutie!

  3. great quilt- I'm working on a tutorial for my blog :-) making an 8pointed star block with directional fabrics- how to lay those fabrics together and get it right :-)

  4. I love tutorials, I love making them! I have a handful or so on my blog. Are you looking for tutes for every Tues? or just this one? I would love to make one for next week, if you are doing it next week also.

  5. Aww, adorable baby and cute quilt! Congrats on trying some new photo editing. One trick you should look up (to avoid the pink baby) is masking. You can wipe out the color adjustments on skin so everything else is adjusted but color stays the same!

  6. Nice way to use charm packs. It is more complex than just sewing all the charm packs together and adding a border. Very nice.

  7. I think tutorials are a great idea, and I would love to be a guest. I am really new at this and a tutorial would be a great TNT for me :)

  8. COngrats on a new Bakeshop tut!! It is so cute!!!

    I love tutorials!! I think it's a great idea! And if I ever have something to share, I would love to be a guest too! THe is such a fun idea!

  9. I love tutorials! But I don't do any. I don't even really blog all that much. That being said, I did try something new this week. I think it's funny on how most people do a post and are like "wanna see more, go to my blog!' And I'm like, um, MAYBE post something on my blog and say "Hey, go to c-ster to see the whole thing!

  10. No picture but I'm thinking putting my wonky log cabin squares on point counts as a TNT. And definitely, our apple peeling/canning party should count. 5 apple peelers going at one time, numerous little helpers putting apples on and taking them off the peelers, one trusty hauler of apples from the deck to the kitchen, our 2 year old bottle filler and 3 distracted Moms trying like crazy to keep up. Result 50 bottles of apple pie filling and a really fun night!

  11. Oooh, I saw this tutorial on the Bake Shop and immediately bookmarked it as a possible for my first quilt! It's beautiful.


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