Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jump, Jump, Jump . . . Jump Around!!!

So I mentioned last Thursday that I was trying something new in the way I quilt.  I have always been a one quilt at a time type of gal.  I would start it and pretty much finish it before starting any other new project. So I tried changing things up a bit and for the past 2 weeks, (in the little amount of sewing time I have had with the holidays and all) and have jumped around from project to project, doing little steps here and there.  And guess what, I am loving it!!!  (which is actually a really big surprise to me ;)

This week I finished my Sewing Summit Remake (see yesterday's post), worked on my STARS Quilt-A-Long (so happy to be picking this project back up again), Made the X's and O's for my Grandmother's quilt, and worked a bit more on my next Bake Shop Project, Flying in Squares.

Designing Stage
  • Baby Quilt for Special new Niece arriving in March 
  • Baby Quilt for Special new Niece arriving in April
  • Baby Quilt for Special Nephew arriving in April
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • 4th of July Table Runner for Sister-In-Law 
  • Christmas Tutorial
Piecing Stage
  • Stars Quilt-A-Long - Worked on!!!
  • Hugs and Kisses Quilt for Grandma - Worked on!!!
  • Going Places Quilt
  • Flying in Squares Quilt - Worked on!!!
  • Cottage Crossroads Baby Quilt
Quilting Stage

  • Nursery Crib Quilt
Completed Stage
  • Sewing Summit Projects  - Bee Bolt Block and Bag Makeover

So what about you??  Are you a one at a time or are you a Jump, Jump, Jump,  . . . Jump Around type???

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  1. LOL, I love jumping around a little TOO much! And lately I've had a lot of deadlines that I really can't miss, so I struggle with those because it's too much of one thing compared to what I'm used to. Oh well! Your star blocks look great. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

  2. I usually get everything to the flimsy stage and then move on to something new, I have recently been taking it all the way to the finished quilt process which is very thrilling, right now I'm working on the Bonnie Hunter, Orca Bay Mystery. Love your X and O Blocks, I've never seen those before but really like them, Happy Wednesday! Bj.

  3. I have been jumping around in order to get all of my quilts done for Christmas. Borders here and there, pieced back, pin basting, quilting and binding. Phew.

  4. What a fun pile of blocks! That's awesome that you discovered the fun of jumping around amongst projects. :)

    I jump around too, but I usually only have one project of a type (one quilt, one bag, etc.) going at a time.

  5. Lovely pile of blocks. I need to do more jumping over here!

  6. Hop, Skip, Jump, Fall kinda gal! I've met very few one-at-a-time type quilters, I'm sure most of us are completely jealous of your small WIP list. There are always like 15 projects on mine! Love the star blocks, so pretty!

  7. I tend to jump around a little, because sometimes I like to work on the machine, and sometimes hand work is the only solution. Then there are the times I get inspired from someone online and have to go in yet another direction RIGHT NOW! Have fun!

  8. lol I do so much jumping you should just call me Tigger! I like to think of myself more of a quilting butterly :)

  9. I definitely move from one project to another, but I guess not jumping! LOL Arthritis keeps that at a minimum! Love your stars and other blocks, too!

  10. I tend to jump around a bit with my quilting (and knitting!) Sometimes I do it because I get a little bored working on the same project for a week or so; sometimes I have new fabric that I am dying to start using, so I decide to make a "test block" of the pattern I have in mind using it. Needless to say, "test block" usually turns into half a quilt!

  11. I agree - there is something nice about jumping around. I find it keeps things from getting to boring! You can just switch when you start getting "that" feeling.

    Everything looks awesome! I can't wait to see more of all of those projects!

  12. I always jump around my projects. I have almost 30 in some state of progress. LOL


  13. I get bored with one project and need the change of pace. Looks like most all of us "jump" around in our own way.
    Gmama Jane

  14. I have the attention span of a gnat! I have to have a bunch of things going at once, planning piecing, quilting, binding. One thing at a time? I admire people with that kind of restraint, but I just can't do it. I get bored and then I go off and read a book or something and never work on that one thing. I feel like I have to go where the inspiration takes me on that particular day.

  15. love the stars! i endlessly jump around...


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