Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you want to Bee with Me????

*** NOTE - I had such a huge response that I acutally created 2 bees but I can't commit to doing more than that.  Thank you for your interest.  I am sorry to say that the bee is full :)

So this year I participated in my first Bee (the VIBee's) and I LOVED it!!!!  It was so much fun and I learned something new with each block each month.  Sadly, this bee is not continuing next year.  But I so want to participate in another block bee for 2012.  So I thought who better to participate in a block bee with then all of you that I feel like I have come to know through Happy Quilting.

So what do you think??  Do you want to participate in a block bee for 2012 with me??  If so please send me an email to happyquiltingmelissa (at) gmail (dot) com with your name, where you live, and the answers to the following questions.

1 - Are you interested in a bee that when it is your month you
        A - Send your own fabric to the other bee members to make blocks with
        B - Have the other bee members make a block with their own fabric with colors specified by you

2 - Are you interested in a bee that makes
        A - Traditional Blocks
        B - Modern Blocks

3 - Are you interested in a bee that exchanges
        A - One block a month for 12 months
        B - Two blocks a month for 12 months

4 - Are you interested in a bee that exchanges with members that live
        A - Only in the US
        B - Anywhere

So that's about that.  I will determine the interest from the emails and go from there :)  Who knows, maybe we'll end up creating 2 bees :)  That would be fantastic!!!  Can't wait to hear from you :)
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  1. I would love to BEE with you!! i am very flexible, it can be your choice as to whether or not to provide fabric. I would love to swap a modern block say one a month and of course I'm in Canada so I would say ship anywhere! Looking forward to hear from you! Susan

  2. What fun!
    1)either- I can see the fun in both
    3)1 block
    4)either, alot of peeps might be turned away by international postage- but I am OK with it.

  3. I've been looking for a bee to join....

    Question 1 - I would say either
    Question 2 - Modern or traditional with modern flair
    Question 3 - 1 block per month or 2 smaller ones.
    Question 4 - I am Canadian so I would say we could ship anywhere

    Hope this works out, Melissa!

  4. Sounds awesome - I shot you an email :)

    I look forward to making some BEE-UTIFUL blocks with ya'll!

  5. This does sound fun! I have never done a bee before! I'll email you! :)

  6. 1) Send fabric during your block month
    2) Modern
    3) 2 Blocks (the same block twice)
    4) Canada and the US

  7. I sent an email to ya!

  8. I sew wish I had the time right now! I love Bee groups!!! :)

  9. 1 - A - Send your own fabric

    2 - B - Modern Blocks (or tradiotional with modern twist)

    3 - A - One block a month for 12 months

    4 - B - Anywhere (cos i'm in the UK!)

  10. I would totally be interested, but I'll have to sit out this round since I"m expecting in February. if you want to start one mid-year I'd be down with that! ;)

  11. I'm very new to quilting.

    4-b (as i'm in Canada,haha)

  12. I would love to be in the bee. I have been following blogs for some time now and have been dying to get into a bee, I just didn't know how.

    1. either
    2. either
    3. a
    4. b

    thank you so much for the opportunity.

  13. 1. B
    2. B
    3. A
    4. B

    I'm pretty new to quilting also, I am excited to try a Bee. :)

  14. Oops...I just sent an email of my comment. Is following directions a prerequisite? haha

  15. This sounds like a lot of fun and I am happy to see some newbies like me joining too. I sent you an e-mail with my answer to your questions.

  16. Mrs. Pickles! You got me!! Newbie here as well! But I am learning VERY quickly (or so the poeple in my local quilt guild say I am) I am up for ANYTHING!! Challenge me!! Thank you!! I cannot wait!!! (new follower! YAY)

  17. I would love to bee with you and I don't mind which scenario you choose and I will send overseas.

  18. I have been waiting for months to find a bee to join. I'm a newby and will go for anything and everything. Just count me in and let me know what the rules are!

  19. I've been reading about this fun new quilting bee. I don't mind being an alternate if you have someone that can't participate for a month.


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