Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The First is a Flame!!!

My first Bee Block arrived this weekend.  Isn't it just so fun to get those little squishy packages!!!!  I tore it open to find this amazingly cool block!!   It is from Lindsay at Linz Sews and can I just say I love it!!!!!  How awesome is that semi all A Flame!!  So cool.

It is just going to be just perfect.  See, when I was a kid my Mom would make my Dad's shorts for him.  He would go with her to pick out fabric and he always picked out the "Wildest and Craziest" prints he could find. And you better believe he had a few pair with flames on them :)

Thanks so much Lindsay!!!!  It is just fabulous!!!  And Lindsay is such a sweetheart, she sent me a few fat quarters along just to say thanks for being the Bee Mama :)  She Rocks!!!  And a totally cool side-note, I get to meet this rocking lady at the end of the month!!!  Yippee Skippee!!!!
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  1. What an awesome block! This is going to be a super fun quilt!

  2. cute block and I just read your post about the hiking and noticed your bio that you have 5 kids, that's awesome!!

  3. Sweet!! Hey just waiting for an e-mail if you still need another! Let me know either way! Thanks!! :)

  4. I am so glad you like it!! I am so excited to meet you too!! :)


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