Thursday, April 19, 2012

TNT - The Video Edition!!!

So what did I try new this week??  Did you see my guest post on Sunday???  I made a two part video series!!!  I called them Applique Basics - From Start to Finish.  And here they are :)

I am so excited about these!!  I created a new tab for video tutorials.  I hope you like them and that the information in them is helpful and informative.  I would love to hear your feeback on them.  I am hoping to put some more video's together in the next month and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

Oh . . . and did you notice something a little different in the second video?? More on that tomorrow :)

So what have you been up to  Link up your TNT post here :)

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  1. Sorry, I don't have time right now to watch them through, but I took a glance and they look nicely done! I'll definitely come back to see them through, especially on topics I'm wanting to learn more about. In the second one where you were showing stitches, I really couldn't see them, so if it's possible to do 'close-up' shots at all, that might be something to consider. Overall looking good & I'd say keep at it! ;-)

  2. Melissa, great videos :). I'm guessing those new to applique will appreciate them a lot! I agree with the first comment that you need a closer view of the actual stitching to clarify the differences but I thought you did a great job with your descriptions. Love seeing all those pretty stacks of fabric behind you too! I just finished a small project earlier this week with fusible where I used a small button-hole stitch to secure the appliques, had a bit of trouble with the needle "gunking up" and the top thread breaking. Have you any suggestions?

  3. Great Videos!! At first, I thought the sound was way too quiet, but then I realizes that I had my volume down. Oops!! SOOOO - they are great!! I didn't watch them all the way through yet, but I plan to!! Way to go!

  4. Hi Melissa
    Just found your link and I do like your videos. They give choices and are very well explained. Good for you.
    Aurea Gillis

  5. The tutorials are great, thank you for sharing. I love applique!

  6. Well done with the videos. I love tutorials but sometimes, for specific techniques, it is crucial to have videos as well. It's not the same seeing it written in words and with pictures as actually seeing it done! So I'm sure your videos will be really appreciated :)

  7. Very new to following quilting blogs and after visiting your blog, I am hooked. I'm looking forward to trying your cog block.

  8. Hello - just a suggestion for your future videos - might be nice for a zoom in on what you're handling at the time of presentation rather than a full video of you .
    That way we can see better what you're talking about
    Sincerely from a beginner ..


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