Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Applique Fun

So my niece runs high school cross county and track.  After a few chilly meets she decided she wanted to have a quilt that she could wrap up in.  I suggested a few beginner patterns as she wanted to make it herself.  She decided she liked the look of this fellow High School quilt and started slicing up strips from Grandma's stash.  I was asked If I could do some cutout's with my Slice Machine for the Applique part.  This is what we came up with :)  Isn't it just so fun.  I can't believe I actually had a girl runner among my cartridges (she was on the Think Pink one :)  I can't wait for her to get it all done!!  It will just be so much fun!!

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  1. That's awesome! Good for her!

  2. Fun idea to keep warm, we stupid rowers used to just layer up on fleeces and the like!


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