Thursday, May 17, 2012

TNT Thrusday - Drawing and No Hands

So I tried 2 things new this week :)

First, I decided I wanted to draw a custom quilting design on my quilt.  This is totally new for me.  Most of the time I do an all over free motion "just go for it" kind of thing.  The few times I have done more of a "custom" design I have always just used the seams as a guide.  So I pulled out my water soluble marker and my 1" ruler and  about 5 hours later (not all consecutive) and a trip to JoAnn's to buy another water soluble marker (the first died out)  I was done.  The great thing about water soluble is every time you make a mistake just give it a little squirt squirt and you get to start over.  (Which I did several times :)  (oh, and I will be showing this quilt in a few more weeks, this is your sneak peak until then :)

Second, I gave my "hands free system" a try.   While I was up in Salt Lake sewing I chatted with Kati about her "hands free system" and if she liked it or not.  I had pretty much just put my little bar aside when the machine came figuring it couldn't make that much of  a difference.  Kati told me she loved hers and suggested I learn to use my left foot on the foot pedal so I could use my right knee on the bar. So I took her advice and tried it!!!   It took about 5 minutes and I was off!!!!!   I love it!!!!!!  I can't believe how much faster it is to shift fabric, sounds silly but true!!  I can't wait to try some applique with this, oh it makes me giggle just to think about it :)

So that is what I have been up to.  What did you try new this week?? Link on up :)

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  1. I did the same as you when my machine came, set that little bar aside. I am going to try it now that you have said it helps.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE my handsfree bar!! When I got my machine the retailer told me about it, so I gave it a try immediately, and I don't think I could sew without it anymore! lol!

    I've never drawn on a quilt, though...

  3. Oooh, intriguing quilting. I also set that bar aside, I've never tried it yet, maybe this weekend...

  4. Once you start using that bar, you will automatically move your right knee to lift the presser foot. Then when you don't have it attached, you will really miss it.

    I would never buy a machine without the needle lifter. It is like having a third hand and well worth the time it takes to learn to use it.

  5. That's a great idea! I am definitely going to try it. Sometimes I inadvertently push the pedal when I'm pressing my knee on the bar and that is a big problem. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Your custom design looks intriguing - I look forward to getting more of a peak!

  7. Those knee lifts have intrigued me. I need to go play at a shop so I can try it out.
    I already posted about my new thing this week, but it wasn't really the focus of the post. So I will just share here. I did not have any fabric left for binding so I tried doing self binding on a quilt. It was so fast! I need to figure out how to miter the corners, because they don't look so great just folded. And the fact that there is only one layer of fabric makes it less sturdy so it has drawbacks. But fast was good!
    Next time I will try to remember to write a post and link up. :)

  8. I have such an old and basic machine (Toyota!!) so I am jealous of you all with these fancy lovely machines! It does straight or zig zag stitches... nothing fancy!

  9. Sounds very odd indeed! I'll be watching out for the updates =D

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience with the lifter bar. Mine is still in the box too but I will get it out this weekend and give it a spin. All it takes is hearing the positives once and I'm on board. :-)

  11. I stashed my knee lift away in a bag somewhere and should give it a try in the spirit of TNT - although the idea of driving with my left foot is quite terrifying like hitting the gas instead of the brake.

  12. sounds like the difference in driving a manual and an automatic! LOL! Sorry, I had to put it in terms I know! I have done both of those things!


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