Monday, June 18, 2012

The Tetris Quilt-A-Long and Color Charm Swap!!!!

Yippee Skippee!!!!  It's time for another Quilt-A-Long.  And this time it's Tetris!!!  (Insert Doh do Dut Dut, Dut, Dut, Dum, Dee, Dum, Music here :) It's a game I loved playing as a kid and I think it is going to be a blast to Quilt-A-Long to!!!  Interested???  Here's how it's going to work!


We will be playing with the standard Tetris pieces and using print fabrics in the colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and White. (The Color Charm Swap will be a great way to accumulate all of these prints, more on that later :)
Once a week you will start with a blank grid that is 6 x 6 square.  You can draw it, use graph paper, or just print this little picture off.  
In the weekly Quilt-A-Long post I will give you a piece and the alteration shapes it can convert into.  Then you will get another piece, and another ect . .  until you have enough to fill the entire block.  

 Your job . . .  To play Tetris!!!  Start with the first piece in the post and color it into your grid.  Then insert the next piece.  Just pretend it is dropping down into place.  Don't think about this to much, just pretend you are playing and the higher up it gets the faster it gets, to where you just start throwing things in there.
 Once you get tot the top of your grid you are done.  You will have some white spaces, that is the way the game works :)  Now just simply take your color grid and sew a duplicate.  We will be using 5" squares.  You can participate in the swap to accumulate these, or if you are on a fabric diet, you can use your stash, or if you like solids, you could accumulate a few Solid Charm Packs.  Whatever works for you, I just want to make it super easy for every one to play along!!!
We will be making 6 blocks in 6 weeks and in the end you will have something that looks a little like this!!!  So fun huh :)  The Quilt center will finish at 55 x82 and then you can add on borders as you desire to make it the size you would like.  How perfect for colorful, happy, random picnic quilt!!!

And since I know you all love fabric as much as I do, and since I know this is a busy time of year,  and since I know it is easier to keep up when you are motivated . . .  this Quilt-A-Long will have Prizes Galore!!!!!  Grand Prizes Drawings for those that finish their project, Weekly Prize Drawings for those that finish their blocks, and just good old Random Prize Drawings, just for fun!!!  Lots of Fabric Goodness and lots of Gift Certificate Goodness!!!  (There will be more details on the exact prizes as the start date gets closer :)  Thank you to my wonderful, generous, sponsors for providing these prizes!!!


The Quilt-A-Long will be starting around Mid-July!!!!     This will give those participating in the Color Charm Swap time to get their fabric and those of you participating from your stash time to cut up your scraps :)  (You will want around 225 ish 5" squares in the colors mentioned earlier.  Or if you don't like a color, you can always swap it out for a different color, just know which one it was originally as the pieces will be shown in the weekly posts in the original colors )    If you will be Quilting-A-Long please feel free to join my Flickr Quilt-A-Long group :)  

And now that we have gone over the general layout of the Quilt-A-Long, let's get the the Color Charm Swap!!!  This is going to be a fabulous way to get all of the fabric you need for the Quilt-A-Long with lots of  yummy variety.

So this Color Charm Swap is a monster!!!  Because each Tetris piece is made up of 4 squares, I thought it would be fun to do a 4 yard swap!! So you provide 4 yards of 1 fabric cut into 224 charms and will be receiving 224 . . . 4 sets of 56 charms in 8 colors, 28 charms of each of the 8 colors)  This allows you to make each Tetris piece out of the same fabric using the 4 charms.   (But you are welcome to mix them up as well if you like :)

Now, I know, lots of us are on fabric diets and trying to keep the fabric purchases to a minimal.  So . . . to help you out with the purchase of 4 yards (since most of us don't have 4 yards of the same fabric lying around in our stash) Julie over at the Intrepid Thread has created a special custom listing in her shop just for this Quilt-A-Long.  Here's how it works.  Shop around (And yes, you can add more than just the custom listing in your cart if you find something you want for yourself and want to save on shipping) and find the perfect fabric in the color you are assigned (assignments will be made soon) .  Then go to the Custom Listing Here and in the notes section list the fabric you want.  No matter what fabric you pick, your 4 yards will only cost $28.00.  That's $7.00 a yard!!! Sweet!!!  A huge thanks to Julie for this great discount :)

So do you want to Swap Along with me???  Sign-Ups start Today and will end as soon as the Swap is filled.  You can read all of the official guidelines, rules, ect and officially sign up at the Tetris Color Charm Swap Flickr Group here ;)   So yes, you need to go here to sign up!!!!  (And if you want to participate in the swap but not in the quilt-a-long, that is fine too :)

I think that just about covers it all!!!  Hoolay that was a long post :)  Sorry, lots to cover :)  I hope you will Quilt-A-Long with me, we are going to have so much fun!!!!  If you have any questions just email them my way.   And one last thing . . . Everyone loves buttons!!!

Edit - Here is a quick link reference to all of the posts in this Quilt-A-Long series

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  1. When does the Quilt A Long start? Put the button on my side bar, but would like to add the date.

  2. I'm hoping to join in but I'll be on holidays for the first week! (I'll cut the squares out before and then catch up later.) I'll probably do smaller squares and make a baby size quilt. Great idea, Melissa!

  3. This sounds so fun. I love the game tetris. I can't commit but I might try to squeeze a few blocks in.

  4. that's a fantastic idea! I'm joinging this QAL! My bes friend is an addict of all oldschool games, tetris, pac man, you name it. I think this quilt would be a perfect Christmas gift for her!

  5. Thank you for coming up with this great idea. I definitely plan to quilt along, but will pass on the swap. I probably have enough in my stash for the project or will drop by the Intrepid Thread to fill out what I need.

  6. That's a fun way to make the blocks! I'm gonna want mine to fit perfectly with no white spaces, though, control freak that I am...

  7. This looks like so much fun! I am thinking about signing up, but not sure if I can get my package out in time because I will be out of commission for a couple weeks starting Thursday. Just a heads up to everyone about the SASE, make sure you pay for it with stamps and not pre-printed postage from the post office. There have been many issues with that for other swaps.

  8. I love this quilt!! I am so in, not the swap just the quilt-a-long. I am on a serious fabric diet. When do we start and how many blocks do we need of each color?

  9. momof3, we will start around mid July, just as soon as the swap finishes up and you will want about 28 squares of each colors

    1. Thanks, can't wait to get started. Mid July will give me time to finish the few projects I am currently work on.

  10. I tried to post the QAL button, but when I test it out it goes to your blog, but says the page does not exist. I'm new to the blog you know what I might be doing wrong?

  11. Awesome Idea!! This will be my first quilt along. I played a lot of Tetris growing up and I think this will make a great throw quilt. I added the button to my sidebar and will be sharing this event on my blog if that is ok. I cant wait till mid July when this starts. Thank you again!

  12. That looks fun, although another commitment may actually kill me, so I'll admire from the sidelines :o)

  13. Hi! I like the idea of the quilt along too, but as smaller squares to do a baby quilt or a larger quilt, but smaller pieces!
    Maybe I'll do 2 or 3 blocks at a time!
    I'll pass on the swap, I too have more than enough for 3 people!
    I might challenge my friend too!
    Take care, Leslie

  14. Looks like so much fun. I have done all that is required to sign up for this quilt-along. I can't wait!!

  15. What fun!! I love Tetris and quilting. I think I have just enough fabric in my solids bin to cut the charms in the right colors, so I'll pass on the charm swap.

  16. sign me up! how cute is this, i'm in! great idea!

  17. I think I'm up for this quilt along, but not the swap -- the last thing I need is more fabric. But as is my nature, they won’t be solid colors (I will try to get all four squares the same fabric) and they probably won’t be 5” squares, but either 2” squares so the quilt top will finish at 18 x 27 before borders or 1 ½” squares so it finishes at 12 x 18. I think 6 x 9 (1” squares) would be pushing it – but talk about quick sewing…hum…may have to reconsider that.

  18. Have never done a quilt along so this looks like a fun one to start with. I'll probably break all the rules by using what I have and in a smaller size. Call me a renegade, it's me nature to change things up a bit. But that makes for lots of interesting results right? Looking forward to getting started and seeing what everyone does. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Looks like fun! I've got the button firmly attached to my blog... now to cut and wait.

  20. I've never done a quilt along online but I want to try this one....I will be using stash material....

  21. It sounds like fun. Sign me up. PS. Sue, I'm with is also my first time:).


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