Thursday, June 21, 2012

TNT in my Living Room

So my mom has been visiting for the last few days, and our huge plans to sew all day together, not so much :)   We started in the yard, and it took the entire weekend and then some to get my yard and garden to a state that my mother was okay with.  (Which I soooo appreciate because I am far from a good gardener.)  Once my yard looked passable we pulled out the sewing machines.

We decided to start with the Living Room curtains.  (There are several rooms that need curtains, this one was just top of the list.)  So we figured we would just whip that out during nap time and then move on.  Ya right :)  Whenever I think I can just whip something out, I should plan right then for it to take 4 times as long.

2 different curtain rods later, 2 different color sets of grommets later, and about a million interruptions later which all equaled about 2 days later . . .  The new living room curtains are done :)  And I love them!!!!   (It is really hard to take a picture of curtains with the sun pouring in the window :)

We went with grommets (first time trying them in a curtain, Yippee for TNT) because we want these to be super easy to open and shut.  We love the sunlight in the day but are a little tired of living in a fish bowl at night :)

My mom found this beautiful upholstery fabric at a depot center in Salt Lake.  $3.00 a yard!!!!!  Can you believe it.    The grommets were so easy to put in.  We found them in the curtain rod section of JoAnn's and you don't even need a tool to install them.  Super sweet and I just love the look of them!!

And I couldn't help but add this shot.  I put my daughter in her high-chair with some cereal to keep her happy while we put the finishing touches on the curtains and hung them up.  When we finished I came into the kitchen to find this.  Yes, that is a Corn Pop coming out of her ear.   Too funny!!!!

So that is what I have been trying new this week.  Breaking out of the quilting comfort zone (I have not pieced anything in over 5 days and I am really starting to have withdraws) and playing around with upholstery fabric, grommets, and curtain rods :)  Good Times!!!

What have you been up to this week??  Link on up :)

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  1. Awesome job on the curtains!!!!! I was going to make some for our bedroom, but I think I might cave and buy premade ones from Ikea =P I can never pick fabric.....if I could find some for $3/yd, I would definitely keep looking!!

  2. Yay for curtains, and look, atleast your daughter kept herself entertained, and she looks very pleased with her new adornments ;o)

  3. I love everything that surround your house. It is really great.

  4. Sounds like you had a very full week. I think my daughter saves projects for when I go visit her, but it's o.k. We enjoy working on projects together.

  5. Your curtains turned out wonderful. And your daughter is adorable.
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  6. I really like your curtains. How fun you got to work with your mom. And such a cutie - she's creative like her mom.

  7. Ahhh sewing with your mom - you lucky lady!!! Great curtains btw :)

  8. Curtains look great and I can't believe how big she is already...seems like you just had her :) Oh and I love corn pops too...gotta have my pops :)

  9. Melissa, I never met a project that didn't take longer than I thought. I love your curtains

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