Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Is Crazy!!!

Okay,  So there has not been a lot of time to sew so far this month.  I have had 2 family reunions already and another one on it's way.  I love spending time with all of my family, but I have to admit, when I haven't sewn for almost 2 weeks straight I get a little crazy.  (And I can't show you any pictures of our fun family time as my camera is still missing, thanks to my MIL for letting me use hers :)

However, this week is clear and I found a bit of time on Monday night (as in midnight) to sew my first Tetris Quilt-a-Long block together.  These go together so fast so if you are on the fence about whether you have time to join, totally jump in!!!   The prizes are awesome and the blocks are so fast and so fun!!!

Then yesterday I had all of nap time so I whipped up my bee blocks for the month.

Laura asked us to do a bright scrappy log cabin block.  I used a lot of the same prints I used for my Double Dresden Delight quilt and then just added some complimenting fabrics so I had enough prints.

Sue sent us some super scrappy fabrics to make 2 little adorable scrappy Japanese X and + blocks.   This was my first time making these blocks and I can totally see how people get addicted to them!!

And even basted the quilt that has been on my floor for 3 weeks.  (Tutorial next Monday for the Christmas in July Hop, yes I am procrastinating to the last minute :)

And even though I haven't had time to sew, I have still had my computer near by.   So when I saw another  Fat Quarter Idol at Sew Mama Sew  contest I couldn't resist.  (Especially as it took me days last month to get my pinterest account all sorted out, thank you 3 year old for playing on the computer and managing to freeze my account :)  And I was super excited yesterday to find that I was a finalist :)  I choose a soft, calming, beach pallet :)  I just love it :)    So if you haven't already, pop on over and check out the finalist and vote for your favorites.  There are some beautiful color combos to choose from :)

And  I don't have a lot to report, but lets finish up with the Wednesday Rundown :)  (I haven't done one of these since the end of June, that shows how crazy it has been around here :) 

Designing Stage
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • Ashlyn's Quilt
  • WIC with MSS Quilt
  • Turnovers Quilt
  • Modern Squares Quilt
Piecing Stage
  • Jessi and Me Quilt 
  • Tetris Quilt-A-Long
  • King Size Serenity Quilt
  • Sew Bee Create Quilt (waiting on 2 blocks)
  • Braided Irish Chain - Queen and King (a tiny bit of progress)
Quilting Stage
  • Solids Quilt for Free Motion
  • Snip and Clip Quilt 
Completed Stage
  • July Bee Block

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  1. oooh I like your SMS fabric selections! Ya got my vote!

  2. What great looking blocks! The colours are so bright and fun! =D

  3. Hope you get more sewing time soon, I'd be starting to twitch! Loving the Tetris block though :o)

  4. Your bee blocks are so fun, I love the happy colors! Good luck on the SMS contest, your fabric selection was definitely one of my faves (voted!)! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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