Thursday, July 12, 2012

TNT - Playing with Scraps

This TNT was actually a few weeks ago but I have been so busy this last week that I am using it anyhow (otherwise there would be a great big "I Got Nothing" post :)

My daughter had her friend over for a play date.  They asked if they could play with my fabric scraps.  This usually means cutting them out in fancy shapes, throwing them in the air and watching them fall.  But this particular day I decided they should Try Something New so I  came up with a New way for them to play.

They made Fabric Collages!!!  I simply sprayed some adhesive tack (same stuff I use for my Slice) onto some scrap-booking paper.  Then I let the girls cut up their desired scraps.  Then they just stuck their shapes onto the paper and Wha La . . . Instant collage.

They really had a great time . . .   And each made about 3 separate collages.  Kept them busy for 2 hours!!!!  And they even managed to keep the scraps in a pretty neat and tidy order.  What a great way to spend the afternoon.

And Josie even got in on the fun :)  She loves watching her big sister craft :)

So that is what we have been trying new (a few weeks ago :)  What have you tried new??  Link on up :)


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  1. New to me - don't do a lot of fuseable applique, but this block was a hit on the R/W/B blog hop, so wrote a tutorial - NEW NEW- learning how to add a downloadable file into my blog, sweats and giggles.

  2. I LOVED playing with fabric scraps as a kid!

  3. I think that was a lovely idea and their collages are beautiful!

  4. What a wonderful idea for keeping little ones occupied and teaching them how to be crafty at the same time! I've got to remember this for when my little grands come to visit!

  5. Makes me want to be a kid again. Very FUN! :)

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun! Also great for canvases too if you want some larger pictures =D


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