Thursday, August 30, 2012

TNT - The Bee Block Version

I love being a part of Bee's!!!  Each month they challenge me and I almost always get to try something new!!!  I highly recommend trying one out if you haven't done so already.    This month had me trying new things with each block.  (And yes, I am just finishing my bee blocks with a whole 2 days to spare :)

First, Cherie requested a Carpenters Star block.  This is a stunning block and Cherie has so many beautiful color combo's for it!!  She wrote up a fabulous little tutorial for it here in case you want to do your own :)  I love these blocks that are all about perfectly precise points.

The new thing I tried with this block was making larger HST's for trimming.  When I was ready to trim these I had to check the directions 3 times to make sure I wasn't trimming them to small.  I kept thinking there was way more fabric than normal.  And that is because there was.  Cherie's directions had us make our squares 3/4" larger then the HST size instead of 1/2" larger.  And I have to say, I really liked it!!!  I found trimming when much faster because I didn't have to be so precise and most of all, it made me feel like I was actually trimming for a reason.  I think I might be doing my HST's with the 3/4" give in the future :)

The second bee block I put together was for Lindsay and she requested a Polaroid block.  This was such a fun block to put together!!!  You chain sash everything so it goes together super quick.  I used this fabulous tutorial  to put it together.

My favorite part of this block was picking the "pictures" to fussy cut.  And while I was fussy cutting I decided to try something new.  I was getting frustrated trying to make sure my images were centered and having to constantly keep checking the measurements.  And then I saw the masking tape I use when basting and WhaLa.  2 tape marks along the edge of my designated measurement, no more centering headaches.  Perfect!!!

So . . . That is what I have been trying new this week :)  2 little tricks to speed up your cutting :)  So what have you been trying new this week??  Link on up!!

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  1. Darling bee blocks! I really enjoy doing mine too - always something new to try and learn!

  2. Great swoon block and what a great idea to use the masking tape on your fussy cuts!

  3. These look great, and those perfectly matched points that you love give me nightmares lol

  4. Great idea with the tape - I'll be giving that a try!! Love the little owl fabric :)

  5. Great looking blocks...I should get some of that tape! =D

  6. That polaroid block looks awesome! Great!


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