Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Following the Bouncing Ball

I am currently working on 4 quilts.  And when I say working on 4, I mean I have sewn on all 4 in the last day.  It's kind of like following that bouncing ball that helped you read only you are bouncing from quilt to quilt.  So, why am I bouncing so crazy like??  Well basically because all of these quilts need to be done at about the same time, which is of course, ASAP!!  (although, even though it is a little crazy, I do like the variety :)

The first 2 are my Braided Irish Chain examples for the class I am teaching in January.  I didn't think I needed them until Jan. so they have been on the back burner.  But I got a a little notice requesting them to be in a quilt show to generate buzz for the retreat / class and so now my deadline has been moved way up :)  Like as in I scheduled to rent some time on a long arm on the 11th of next month to quilt them :)

So obviously, they are being moved to the front burner :)  Notice how my pin box is totally empty sans 1 pin.  That's because last night I pinned all of my seams on this huge stack of piecing. Nothing like a little pinning to unwind while watching old reruns.  This is becoming the norm around our house.  The kids go to bed, and we watch old reruns while he surfs around all the sports from the day and I either blog or do some pinning or ironing.  Time spent together, even if we are each doing our own thing :)

Next, is my little Indie project.  I finished piecing the back together yesterday and now it is waiting to be basted  and quilted.  Just a little sneak peak before the full reveal next week :)

And lastly, I am playing with some Mama Said Sew.  This project is turning out to be so much fun!!!  I am loving piecing it and keep working on a block or 2 in-between things because it just makes me happy :)

And lastly, the rundown.  I am not "working" on all of these, but they will be next up to bounce between as soon as these 4 are finished :)

Designing Stage
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • Turnovers Quilt
  • Modern Squares Quilt
  • Baby Blocks Quilt
Piecing Stage
  • Jessi and Me Quilt 
  • WIC with MSS Quilt
  • Braided Irish Chain - Queen and King 
Quilting Stage
  • Solids Quilt for Free Motion
  • Tetris Quilt-A-Long
  • Indie Quilt
Completed Stage
  • Sew Bee Create Quilt  - Spinning or Spiraling
  • Ashlyn's Quilt - Dreaming of Paris
  • Fab Little Quilt Swap Mini

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  1. I love this way of spending time with my hubby as well! Good luck on finishing all on your deadlines, I'm sure I would be running around like a headless chicken by now...

  2. Sew busy. Good luck with all your projects.

  3. I can only work - if working multiple projects. I like to go from one to another - variety keeps you inspired and motivated in my book.

  4. Wow that sounds crazy! I like to work on a few a week, but in one day! What's your secret? =D

  5. I'd like to say you were quite mad, but then my pot handle would emerge ;o)

  6. Wow...that is a lot of projects to keep on your mind!

  7. Busy busy as usual Melissa. Might I ask how long it took you to be able to quilt on the long arm you mention renting time on? I need to look into that.

  8. And here I thought my WIPS stack was too large. So happy to see your list. I should probably make a list. Thanks for being my inspiration!

  9. Wow, a bit crazy, I find I work better under pressure and doing multiple projects at the same time, guess you do to. Good luck making your deadlines, am excited to see the finished product :)


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