Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest Blogging at Fave Crafts!!! (and TNT)

Today I am hopping on over to Fave Crafts, a part of Fave Quilts, to do a little guest blogging in honor of National Sewing Month!!!  For the special occasion I made a series of video's on how to finish your quilts.  You can check it out at Fave Creafts or see below :)

Do you ever find you get to the end of a tutorial or pattern and it says something along the lines of "Finishing It Up - Baste It, Quilt It, and Bind It".  I know I have written it several times at the end of my tutorials.  Well, today I am adding a little more!!!  I have created a 3 Part Video Series on Finishing Your Quilt!!!  The first part is 10 minutes dedicated to basting your quilt, the  second, 10 minutes to quilting your quilt, and the third, 15 minutes dedicated to binding your quilt!!!  I hope you find these video's helpful to aid you on your quilting journey.  (And if you laugh at some of my silly stumbles or tripod filming that is great too :)

(Just remember, always smooth from the center out :) 

(Practice makes perfect, just keep stitching :)

(Yup, a little bit of math :)

I hope you enjoyed the videos and found some helpful information from them.

Oh, and this is the quilt I used as my demo :)  Thanks again to the wonderful ladies at Sew Bee Create for their beautiful blocks!!!  And if you want to see the tutorial for Spinning or Spiraling you can find it here :)

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten TNT :)  This week I tried something new in the wee hours between night and day.  (So I am not guaranteeing it is good :)  One of these video's was a a tad too long to upload onto You Tube.  So I searched around and found a program on my computer for editing movies.  I actually figured our how to cut out tidbits where I rambled because I couldn't think of the right words to say and then add some words onto the screen where my big shoulder got in the way.  Ya, video editing, totally TNT!!!

So what have you been up to???  Link on up!!!

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  1. Wow, the blocks look beautiful all put together!

  2. What a wonderful idea, Melissa! I know I had a tough time finding good quilting tutorials when I was first starting out. I will be great for new quilters to have them all in one place! :)

  3. Love your video tutorials, Melissa! GOOD JOB!

  4. Awesome. Thanks for the tutorials! I'm on my way to check them out right now!

  5. Great tutorials you make it so easy to understand. Your quilt is beautiful!

  6. Great skill to learn! My DSLR does video, but I've never yet used it - so embarrassed!

  7. Wow, Melissa! Great job on both the tutorials and the quilt.

  8. Love the spinning or spiraling quilt!!! Just beautiful!

  9. Melissa... thanks so much for the great videos! I just watched the basting one because I hate it so much, and I think you made me feel a little better LOL! Looking forward to the next two... and that quilt is gorgeous!

  10. I have been up to a big fat NOTHING. So sad. I need to get back in the game!

    What a fun block. I really love more traditional looking kinds of quilts and it is nice to come across them!

  11. Found this while surfing the web, Thank you for the great videos. They help for a newbie like me.

  12. Thank you for this tutorial. It is very helpful!


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