Thursday, September 27, 2012

TNT Thursday - A Custom Binding Tutorial

So you might not have noticed, but I tried something new on my Starburst quilt.  What is it you ask??  I made a custom binding!!!

See, the points of the starburst match the binding, all the way around the quilt :)  Cool huh!!

And while I was doing it, I figured I might as well take a few pictures and whip up a little tutorial.   But, a little forewarning on this tutorial.  I only went over the details on making the binding custom.  There are no references on making a basic machine binding, so if you need you can see my video tutorial on machine binding here , then the rest of this will make a little more sense :)

Start by marking your quilt with a pin everywhere you want to change your binding.  I marked mine in the center of the sashings.

Now measure the amount of space  between the pins.  Add 4" for corners and then another 3" for wiggle room.  Make a binding strip for each measurement in the designated print.  Don't attach the strips.

Now you are ready to start attaching the binding.  Start by laying the first binding strip 1 1/4" over the first marking pin.  Begin attaching the binding another 6" away from the pin.  Remember to back-stitch at the beginning.

Stitch until you get about 7" away from your next marker pin.  (Sorry I forgot to take a picture the first time so this is actually my next binding strip.)  Back-stitch a few stitches and remove the quilt from your machine.

Measure 1 1/4" down from your marker pin and clip the excess binding.

Now it is just like making a normal binding strip. Lay your next strip onto the attached strip with right sides together at a 90 degree angle.  Sew a diagonal seam to attach the 2 strips.

Clip the excess 1/4" away from the seam.  Now put your quilt back in your machine and begin stitching once again.  Your seam change will be directly over your marker pin creating the custom binding look :)  Repeat each time you get to a marker pin.

When you get to the end of your binding measure 2 1/2" over the original strip and then trim the top strip.  Once again lay your two strips together at a 90 degree angle with right sides together and stitch a diagonal seam.  Then finish sewing the binding down.

Now simply turn your quilt over and tack down the front of the binding.

And your done!!!  One custom bound quilt!!

So that is what I have been up to this week??  Link on up!!

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  1. wow that's alot of work! worth it though, looks great

  2. Cool idea, it's something I keep meaning to try

  3. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! Nice job.

  4. Love the quilt, it is now on my list!! What foot was on your sewing machine when you were finishing the binding??

    1. I use my walking foot. It helps to go through all of the layers evenly :)

  5. This is fantastic Melissa!!! I failed miserably trying to work this out myself a while back - your tutorial spells it out perfectly!!! Thanks!!! x

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I've done multi-fabric bindings before but always just sort of guesstimated since my goal was an overall gradated effect. I love this way to do it exactly!

  7. This quilt is lovely!!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, Melissa! And I love the quilt, especially the quilting. Is that a paisley motif you used all over? Leah is using a paisley in her FMQ Project right now. I really like yours - it doesn't seem to have a lot of sewing over thread.

  9. I love this pattern. You should consider turning it into a quilt along.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. And in different sizes! I now follow you!
    Terrific giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Wow! That's so neat and a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for taking the time to write that out!

  12. Your Starburst is wonderful and the binding really adds a designer touch. The quilting is stunning! I'm wondering if you would share the brand and type of batting as well as the thread you used? It's often hard to distinguish the quilting stitches in person and I rarely notice quilting in photos so I'm very impressed that your quilting stands out in your pictures. All in all it's quite beautiful.

  13. Love your quilting. What kind of batting and thread did you use?
    It really makes the FMQ pop.


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