Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabric Randomess

Yup, today is totally random!!  Just a few tidbits to share :)

First off, thanks to everyone who gave your Color Option preference!!  It really helped and in the end I  went with option 4 :)  Now to start cutting it out.

Second, I was at JoAnn's this morning to use my 60% off coupon to pick up a bunch of Kona White for an upcoming project.  While I was there I checked out the clearance sale hoping to find more Denyse Schmidt prints.  I didn't find that but I did get lucky with these beautiful tone on tone Heidi Grace prints!!  Perfect stash builders :)

And lastly, I really need to re-organize my Fat Quarter shelf.  It is driving me nuts!!!  I really dislike that it is stacked 2 deep because I can't see all of the prints.  Something for me to work on over the weekend, for sure.   Suggestions welcome :)

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  1. Hi Melissa, I use the smaller plastic boxes made by sterilite
    and then I can stack them with the fold up and I can see all the colors I have, sorting them in color groups. I use the clear bins with the white lids and they are tidy, clean and easy to peruse to pick out a piece for a project.


  2. How about folding them to the depth size and that way they'll be thinner and longer and you can stack more on top of each other and won't waste any of the shelf space?

  3. I used my coupons, but didnt find any goodies, I bought kona and batting.. our JoAnn's is always a mess........ I am cleaning and redecorating my new sewing room and why this month, stupid but its not stopping me from sewing.. Its my birthday and thats when the boys came over to build..

  4. My fabric shelf is 2-deep also, but I think it's more a function of the size of the cupboard than the fabric. Wish they made a lazy susan for fabric that didn't waste space!

  5. That's the advice I'd offer too. Fold them longer and you'll be amazed at how much you can stack on your shelves.

  6. I love those Heidi Grace prints. I have the big flower in yellow and all the other smaller prints in most of the colors. I'm surprised I don't see Heidi Grace fabrics on blogs or online more often because I really like the feel of the fabric and it's pretty and bright.

    I'm planning to stop by Joanns tomorrow because I got a 60% off coupon in my inbox yesterday and I'm out of basting spray. Good luck organizing your fat quarters. I'm not that organized, so I can't give any advice;)

  7. I am getting a flash of 'Overboard ' his closet... no am i that much older than you? LOL anyway Kirt Russel 's charachtet made a rotating shoe rack thing... that would be so great! Haha

  8. I fold mine for a yard like this:

    1. in half as it comes off the bolt
    2. in half so that it's 1/2 yard long
    3. in half so that the middle fold meets the selvedges
    4. in half matching side edges
    5. in half matching the side edges again to get long narrow pieces, about the width you get a FQ folded to in shops.

    For a 1/2 yard or a FQ (opened out flat) you can skip steps 1-2 above. I did it this way after a certain amount of experimentation to see what fit my shelves best width-ways, and just folding in 3 rather than steps 4-5 was a little too wide to get 2 stacks comfortably next to each other on a shelf, this way I have a wee gap between stacks to see down and check what a piece of fabric is if the end isn't as easy to tell.


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