Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year in Bee's

I just love participating in Bee's.  I love a new creative challenge each month.  I love that the block I make often expands my quilting skills.  And I love the ability to put a super amount of time and effort into 1 block because you only have to make 1.  But most of all, I love getting to know new friends through these shared quilting endeavors!!  This year I was able to participate in 2 bees with some absolutely amazing women!!

The Beejeebers group!!  We sew from our stash in this group and I love that, because we all know I have a mass of scraps to whittle down.  This year was filled with some super creative blocks.  From game boards, to trees, to pictures, and trucks, the creative basis was totally covered.  The the favorite color scheme seemed to be blue and green, and there was some major precision quilting with lots of points in stars and strings.

The Sew Bee Create group!!  This group was an International group which is so much fun because when your quilt comes together it comes from all over the world!!  This group covered a whole variety of blocks from precision piecing to total improv   I always looked forward to the beginning of the month for that squishy package of fabric to arrive.  So fun!!

Here is my Beejeebers quilt.   I call it Convoy and it was a gift to my Father to keep in the cab of his Semi.  That middle truck is a paper pieced truck based of a picture of his rig.   I asked the ladies to make the Semi Truck blocks around it.  They did an amazing job!!!  The creativity blew me away!!  Needless to say, it was a very treasured gift for my father.  Thank you to each one of the Beejeebers ladies for being a part of it.

Here is my Sew Bee Create quilt.  I call it Spinning or Spiraling.  I designed this block and then did a tutorial for that gals to make it up.  Countdown to Christmas is probably my all time favorite Christmas line so it was a little hard to cut it up.  But I just love the way it turned out.  It has been snuggled with daily over this Christmas season.  Thank you to the ladies of Sew Bee Create for this fabulous Christmas treasure!

The Beejeeber's group will continue into 2013 absorbing a few new members from Sew Bee Create.  I can't wait to get going on another fabulous year of Bee's!!

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  1. Lots of fun bee blocks this year! I still love that truck quilt... adorable. :)

    Hosting a year-end linkup party if you'd like to join!

  2. The Convoy quilt is fantastic. Everybody was so creative with their truck beds and cargo. What a lovely idea and gift for your dad.

  3. Great collection of blocks :o) I was in 4 bees at one point this year, but I'm quite glad it's down to 2 now, and come easter, down to 1, so I can get some stuff for me done hopefully!

  4. they are all incredible, but the Convoy is my fav. Your Dad must be thrilled with it and all the caring that went into making it.

  5. Exciting Bee blocks, wow! Those trucks are great. I'm glad to be a small part of your Spinning quilt.

  6. Awesome awesome awesome quilts and blocks! It has been so fun being part of Beejeebers this year!! Thank you! I can't wait for 2013!!


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