Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Refracted - In the Mail

Remember when I mentioned that my Refracted quilt was accepted to be in the Quilt Con quilt show.  (Still totally excited about that!!)  Well the show is this month and it was about time I get this little lady in the mail!!

To prep the quilt for the show I added a Quilt Sleeve.  This was my first time ever adding a quilt sleeve.  Not to tuff thanks to this fabulous tutorial by Jackie!!  I made the sleeve, pinned it in place, and then my wonderful MIL (I think I will start calling her the Hand Stitching Fairy) hand stitched it in place for me :)

 Then the quilt needed a label with my address and phone number to ensure it made it safely home again :)

Then it needed a little home to be shipped in. I just grabbed this yardage from my stash and whipped up a quick drawstring bag :)

And finally, boxed up, delivered to the post office and on it's way :)  I am so excited!!!  I wish I could go to Quilt Con but I will be on my own little trip that week :)  I feels good to have that in the mail and off my to do list. 

Now to the next thing on my list, time to go work with some of this (tutorial coming soon :)

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  1. Such exciting stuff!!!! I think I let out a slight squeal when I read a tutorial was coming soon (and with such pretty fabric, of course!)!! Congratulations on Quilt Con!!! :)

  2. I have several frineds that will also be sending items to quilt con and it's so exciting to see all the different items that are going. If we can't go then at least we can enjoy the talents of others in the show through bloggs

  3. I will look for your quilt at QuiltCon.

  4. Love your refracted quilt!! And what are you making with the Honey Honey? It's on my list to get, and thinking about what to make it into. :-)

  5. That's awesome! Congratulations, Melissa!

  6. My "finish" goal for this month requires me to make a hanging sleeve--my first. Thank you for reminding me of this excellent tutorial.

    How fun that your quilt is on its way. Hooray for Refracted! Hooray for you!

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