Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Modern Madness, You Gotta Love It, Baby!!

Most of us know about March Madness . . . Well  have you heard about Modern Madness????

John, aka Quilt Dad, annually sets up a Modern Madness tournament over at Fat Quarterly.  He takes 64 of your favorite fabric lines from the last year and matches them up in head to head battles until one emerges victorious!!  Readers vote throughout the process and it is an all around great time!!  So pop on over to print off your brackets and follow along with the Modern Madness fun!!

These are my picks!!  Some of these picks were really hard because my favorite fabric lines were matched up early and so one of them had to fall.

My Champion . . . Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry!!  Bring on the Modern Madness Mayhem!!!

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  1. What a fun and clever idea! I am interested to see which line becomes "The Champ"!

  2. Good choice! I'm a little anxious to see what happens between Simply Color and Notting Hill in the very first round. I really love both lines and think they are both great contenders for the finals. I'll be sad to see one of them lose out in the very beginning. Ah well. It's just a game, of course! :)
    I look forward to this every year!

  3. Well, I have the whole FQ collection of Notting Hill sitting on my shelves waiting for me to decide what design quilt I want to use it for! It's going to have to be patient as I'm too scared to choose the wrong design!

  4. Our brackets are very similar, but I picked Marmalade to take it. There were some tough match-ups early on! If my husband knew this kind of bracket existed he would tease me so badly!

  5. Do we vote for our favorite? If so where and how? Thanks

  6. Hi there, I'm new here. Great blog!

    It's so funny you picked Notting Hill. I adore that fabric and even used a strip in my machine from a jelly roll on my blog banner. I have an Irish Chain quilt in its future and it's in the queue for my summer project. I have a few other sewing projects in the works so as soon as they are finished, the lovely Notting Hill will be up to the presser foot!
    Becky Thompson


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