Friday, May 17, 2013

A Bit of an Applique Challenge

As part of the Sweet Celebrations Book for Moda I designed and created this quilt for my husband.  Obviously, he is a U of U alumni.  Well ever since I finished this quilt, I have wanted to make another for me that would match his as my Alma Mater, SUU, also uses red, black, and white for it's school colors.
And I am so excited that I finally moved it onto the cutting table!!  A little while ago I drafted a design that I really fell in love with.   I was going for a matchy geometric look, but not the exact same pattern.  I started cutting, then sewing, add some pressing, and before you know it, I have a finished quilt top, basted and ready to be quilted!!  Yippee :)  (Sorry for the little sneak peek, I am saving the final reveal for a bit ;)

And here is where the challenge comes in.  My husband's applique of the U was a bit tricky but manageable.

My Alma Mater's logo is a bit trickier.  Seriously, this is by far the hardest applique design I have tackled.  Wish me luck, I really think I am going to need it :)

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  1. Love it Melissa! I would probably break down and embroider items like the pupil, teeth, nostril, etc... I can't wait to see your reveal, since I plan to make this quilt for a soon-to-be graduate attending UCLA in the fall.

  2. It might be a challenge, but it looks well worth it. This is a stunner! I love it.

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  4. I like the pattern but I think it would look a lot better in BLUE and white, if you know what I mean. A big Y appliqué would be easy. ;)

  5. You can do it!!!! You rock!! :)

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  7. Is there a pattern available for the woven quilt you made for your husband? I would love to make a baby quilt using this layout. Thanks and great work!

  8. Why not copy it to fabric and then applique it down? Easier IMNSHO.

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  10. I love that basket weave pattern of your hubby's quilt! And the quilting is way cool! All those starts and stops though - woah, time consuming! Good luck with yours and the applique! I am sure you will knock it out of the park!

  11. I love your husbands quilt! The weaving is so cool. I am excited to see what your quilt will look like. Have fun with that applique of yours.


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