Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leaving for Portland!!!

I am stepping out my front door and heading to Portland.  International Quilt Market here I come !!!  

I am so excited!!!  Like seriously, I can't stop smiling :)    This will be my second market so I feel a little more knowledgeable of how to take it all in. (but just a little :)   Oh, so much fabric, so many stunning booths, so many happy quilters, and oh so much fun!!!

I don't see myself getting anything posted about market while I am gone (I don't have a fancy phone and I doubt I will have internet in my room) but I promise to have a whole rundown come next week full of lots and lots of pictures :)  (anything in particular you want to see???)

In the meantime, I did a few scheduled posts of things I was working on earlier this week ;)  Wouldn't want it to get to quiet around here :)

So that's it for today :)  Next time we chat, I will be at Market, Squeal!!!

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  1. Have fun Melissa!!! :) Wish I could climb in your suitcase right now! :)

  2. Have fun while your here in Portland, it really is a lovely city!

  3. Just a teensy bit jealous! Have fun :o)

  4. Oh . . . I'm so jealous. I just got back from Portland after a quick trip with my daughter. It's beautiful there right now. I look forward to hearing all about it and would love to talk with you more later. Will you have a booth? Have fun.

  5. You are soooo lucky! Have lots of fun and please take LOTS of pictures :)

  6. Have a wonderful time!!!! Must admit that I am a tad jealous!

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  8. Welcome to Portland! Hopefully, the rain will stop soon and it will go back to sunshine so you can see it at its best (instead of its usual)--not that you'll be staring outside a lot what with all that cool fabric to oogle!


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