Wednesday, May 22, 2013

While Mom's Away . . .

Today I started quilting my newest quilt and I am hoping to finish it so I can link it up with blogger's quilt festival :)  Sometimes I wonder why things always seem to get pushed to the last minute , ah well :)

I am trying a new free motion design.  It's similar to my interlocking circles design I used for my Ring Around quilt, just a different shape.  Interlocking squares (and rectangles but that's a mouthful :)

And let me share a little funny (but not so ha ha at the moment)  from my morning.  I went to get my tripod to record me quilting so I could make another FMQ video tutorial for ya'll and come to find that my wee ones decided while I was gone that the tripod was a really fun toy.  I tried to put it back together only  to find a piece missing.  After searching high and low and still no piece, I resorted to the next best thing . . . tape :)  Ya gotta use what works :)

Here's hoping I have a new quilt, video tutorial, and pattern to share very soon :)  All though, most likely not all at the same time :)  I'm off to do some more quilting :)

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  1. The magic of duct tape! It fixes everything!

  2. Good improvising on the tripod. Looking forward to your quilt.

  3. Duct tape solves EVERY problem. Most extreme use I've ever had for it was holding a boat together...

  4. You can call the pattern Interlocking Rectangles since squares are rectangles but rectangles aren't always square :D


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