Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June's not quite over

And I have my bee blocks in the mail.  Yippee.  I tell you, this month has flown by.  I swear it was the 1st just yesterday :)

First, my blocks for the new bee I am in, The Bees Knees ;)  These blocks are for Sherri, who is crazy amazing and such a sweet person.  And she just finished her first book!!  Yippee for Sherri!!!  Sherri asked us to make some Christmas Trip Around the World Blocks.  This is my first time making these blocks (tutorial here) and it won't be my last.  These are totally addicting :)

Sherri sent these adorable Christmas prints to make the block with.  I just love the holiday colors, made we want to turn on some Christmas tunes while piecing them :)

 I pulled out my cherished Countdown to Christmas scraps to make a second block for Sherri.  I think this is still my all time favorite Christmas line!

For the Beejeeber's group, Susan asked us to make a Supernova block using bright colors.  I love the combo of colors used in the tutorial so I used the same :)  This was a great block to make and required some precision piecing which is always fun in my book :)

So my blocks are in the mail on the way to their partners, and with 5 days to spare :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. Love the supernova block. I'm chicken about paper piecing...someday...

  2. I love countdown to Christmas too, made a throw out of it.
    I know this may sound weird, but I dreamt that you came to our town for something and you had your kids with you. Maybe it was the post about your little girl. I am really not obsessed with you, just enjoy reading your blog.

  3. uhhh fun blocks, love the christmas trip around the world blocks and the other blocks is fun and vibrant

  4. Just made my first Scrappy Trip blocks last Sat at our Modern Quilt Guild sew in. Now I see why everyone's been making them. Fun to make and the possibilities are endless. You can see my block on my blog I see many more in my future.

  5. Oh I love the idea of the christmas scrappy trip....Gorgeous fabrics and gorgeous blocks you have made.

  6. I must jump on the scrappy around the world bandwagon and make a quilt. I love your two Christmas blocks for Sherri -- lucky girl! Your supernova block is beautiful. I love the bright colors. I will have to mark this post as a favorite so I can refer back to it.

  7. Thanks for the repost to the tutorial on the scrappy Trip blocks. I took the time to read it today and I now get how you guys do it! Never would have thought about using the seam ripper as a sewing tool in this case. I had a little tear in my eye for your daughter - I hate to see kids upset.

  8. I love your Christmas fabric blocks.

  9. Way to go! And such pretty blocks!

  10. I so love those blocks too. Those Christmas ones are ubber cute. I have used the blocks as mug rugs. That is a good idea for Christmas.
    PS How Is the LA. Hoping you get lots of time to play!

  11. Well done! Technically I'm late with one set, but I don't have to hand them over for 2 weeks, so I figure I'm still good :oD


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