Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching Up The Rundown

My bundle for the Star Surround Quilt-A-Long arrived, Thanks Julie :)  Isn't it just so pretty!!   I can't wait to start cutting into this, My plan is to start tomorrow so I give myself plenty of time to write the cutting instructions, but lets be honest, I will probably be up super early Monday morning typing away :)

It never ceases to amaze me how the above gets changed into the below!!  Quilting really is an amazing art!! There is still plenty of time to join in the Star Surround Quilt-A-Long, we are just gathering fabric now and of course, there will be lots of prizes to motivate you along the way :)

But, before I can starting cutting out the above pile, I need to finish up with these lovelies ;)  This is Soho Chic by Sandy Gervais and I absolutely love these colors!!!  Yesterday, I managed to get to my sewing machine for the first time in almost three weeks (Yes, I was going through major withdrawals) and whipped up a little project or 2 from these.  But they are secret right now so I can't show much more.

I pieced both projects and got the first project quilted using my version of an all over swirl design.  I plan to quilt the second one the same, would you like a video tutorial of the quilting??

So that is what  I am working on right now.  Seriously, I can't believe how long it has been since I have done a little WIP/Rundown list.  I had to really look back to find it, like back to May 1, and it was pretty much totally outdated.  So, I racked my little brain, and managed to, hopefully, get this updated with all the things I am working on right now.  And I must say, it is so nice to get this written down and out of my mind, way easier :)  So here it is , the updated rundown :)

Designing Stage
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt 
  • Alumni Quilt
  • Twists and Turns
  • Jacob Memory Quilt
Piecing Stage
  • Jessi and Me Quilt 
  • Block of the Month - Lucky Stars (So far behind, I don't know if I will ever get caught up)
  • IYN
  • Star Surround Quilt-A-Long
  • Star Value Bee Quilt - Waiting on one block :)
Quilting Stage
  • Solids Quilt for Free Motion
  • Baby Duo Quilts
  • Starburst Quilt-A-Long (Will be going on the Long Arm hopefully this week)
Completed Stage  (There were a ton of these from the last time, so I just put in the most recent :)
  • Boxed In and Out
  • Baby Refracted Quilt - For little David :)
  • FQCM
  • Tetris Quilt

Alright, that wraps it up.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. Yes, I would love to see a video tutorial of how you quilt. I haven't quilted a project yet and have to admit I'm a wee bit terrified.

  2. I can't wait to get my bundle from Julie! I gotta pet the fabric a little before I cut into it! ;-)

  3. I know what you mean about the Lucky Stars BOM. I have not even started yet.

  4. They are pretty nice.Still waiting mine.Happy quilting!

  5. How did I miss your quilt along announcement? What a lovely design, girl now I gotta find time to do this :)

  6. I'm always amazed at how much you get done! The quilting looks great, I'd love a video!

  7. I would love a video I am having problems learning FMQ..

  8. Gorgeous fabrics and projects!! I would love to see a tutorial for your swirly quilting.

  9. Ohh that Soho Chic is gorgeous

  10. Would love a tutorial for the quilting. Love the Soho Chic fabric too. Glad David is doing so good!

  11. So would love a video. Stars are amazing! Your ate bravebto take a count. I havent in awhile.

  12. I haven't gotten to the actual quilting a quilt yet so YES I'd love to see a video on it. I'm watching all I can so I'm ready when it's time to learn that stage of making a quilt.

  13. The Seabreeze scrappy kit would be my pick if I was doing the quilt-along, I love those colours and fabrics, the star surround pattern looks fantastic!

  14. Those colors are going to look wonderful.

  15. Beautiful fabrics! A video tutorial of the quilting would be great!

  16. Yes I'd appreciate another of your inspiring FMQ tutorial. Love the quilting on this one and have completed 2 quilts using your previous sharing. Your a great instructor. Thank you!


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